After her controversial retirement, Amal Maher sends a message to her fans (photo)

The mysterious and sudden retirement of the Egyptian singer Amal Maher is still controversial among her fans and fans, in light of their demands for her to return and explain the decision to retire.

Days after announcing the matter, Amal Maher returned to publish a statement bearing a word to her audience, assuring them that only God knows how their support was for her in the worst circumstances in her life.

She indicated that if she was able to go to someone to thank him, she would not be late to do so, explaining that God made them a reason to strengthen her in the most difficult moments of weakness and the greatest test for her.

The Egyptian singer spoke of her confidence that if the universe were to gather together to harm or benefit a person, it would not benefit or harm him except with what God has written for him.

Then she addressed a request to her audience asking them to pray for her, especially that the complaint to other than God is humiliating, and she submits her complaint to God only and does not wait for relief, reparation and victory except from God.

Amal Maher continued to plead with her Lord in her words, and then assured the audience that their love and support is the greatest and most important gift from God, who gave her in the greatest ordeal she is going through.

Amal Maher concluded her message to the audience, saying, “Your invitations”, to receive thousands of comments that support her and demand that she clarify the image, and return to singing again.


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