After his eviction, Ben Simmons’ WTF activity!

Returned from training by Philadelphia, Ben Simmons has obviously decided to dig his grave a little more in Pennsylvania. The player was indeed seen in a rather questionable place after the fact! This will make the fans rage …

That’s the big announcement from tonight, as the regular season is about to open: Ben Simmons won’t play the Sixers’ opener. The winger has in fact been suspended by his franchise, after being fired from training. The break between the player and his team seems final, to the point where he outright refused to participate in her activities. Result, he was logically told to stop the costs.

Suddenly, having nothing more to do there, the Australian left the scene. However, instead of going home as coach Doc Rivers had suggested, he decided to go somewhere… more lively. As the journalist Landon Buford reveals, Simmons would have been seen in a strip club, very soon after!

Fired by the Sixers, Ben Simmons goes … to the strip club

Ben Simmons got kicked out of Sixers training today and is apparently at Delilah’s Strip Club right now, according to a source from Philly.

Ah well, it’s okay, he seems to be going through this whole affair rather well… If we don’t have any images that can attest to his presence on the scene, it would still be very classy on his part. Clearly, he gives the impression of not caring about Philadelphia anymore. On the fan side, we don’t even know how to react to this announcement. The comments were therefore marked by incomprehension, even fatigue, of Internet users.

Damn, he just don’t care anymore

Get out of here

Going to the strip club just after getting kicked out of training… It’s hard to seem less professional. It’s official, Ben Simmons needs to leave the Sixers as soon as possible.

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