After Pfizer and Moderna, Astra Zeneca announces its vaccine candidate

Published on : 23/11/2020 – 15:44

The publication of clinical trial results for Covid-19 vaccines continues. After Pfizer and Moderna, with over 90% efficiency, here is Astra Zeneca at “only 70.4%, according to the press release. But this is an average because two types of administration were tested.

The vaccine candidate developed by the Astra Zeneca laboratory and the University of Oxford is effective. At what point ? It depends on its administration. The clinical trial made it possible to study two different methods each requiring two injections: a first and then a booster.

In a first group, the quantity of vaccine was equivalent during the two injections: 62% effectiveness. In the second group, the first dose was halved: 90% effectiveness. The average is 70.4%, this is the figure communicated, but it could therefore change as the clinical trial continues. It is indeed one of the functions of these tests to determine the best mode of administration of the candidate vaccine.

These results are preliminary, communicated through the press pending full data. But Astra Zeneca and the University of Oxford still provide some details. No one who received the vaccine candidate developed a severe form of Covid-19; it therefore prevents the occurrence of serious forms. Better yet, these early data indicate that it is reducing transmission of the virus as the number of asymptomatic cases has declined. Very important information that has not yet provided Pfizer and Modern about their vaccines.


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