After the daughter of the plateau announced that he did not spend on her.. Get to know Business Nour

11:45 AM

Wednesday 06 October 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

“No one pays me.” With these words, Nour, the eldest daughter of the most famous Arab star, Amr Diab, responded to a question from one of her followers on the “Instagram” page, during a video conversation with her, and her response sparked controversy again about her and her relationship with her father.

Nour, in her response to the questions that were directed to her on her page on the “Instagram” website, said: “I did not receive any financial amounts from my father or mother. My father or my mother.”

According to what she said in previous interviews, Nour studied many disciplines, including biology in Egyptian universities, in addition to preparing a master’s degree in marketing, in addition to studying business administration and sign language.

Nour, whose Instagram page has nearly 500,000 followers, works as a designer, model, and blogger, in addition to marketing.

Nour speaks 3 languages: Arabic, English and Spanish.

Last September, Nour revealed her engagement to a British national of Ghanaian origin, Kieran Woodward, who works as a fitness trainer.

It is worth noting that “Jana” is the daughter of the artist Amr Diab from his ex-wife Zina Ashour, and the younger sister of Nour. She also lives in London with her mother, and she also sells her clothes through her page on the “D-Pop” website, with the aim of proving herself and financially independent from her parents. .


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