After the release of the “New Ten Measures” for epidemic prevention, online celebrity homestay bookings blowout low-cost air tickets in seconds

After the release of the “New Ten Measures” for epidemic prevention, the popularity of travel searches soared 9 times

Online celebrity homestay booking blowout low-cost air tickets in seconds

□Chutian Metropolis Daily News reporter Yao Yun Liu Wei Liu Yurui

Yesterday, the national joint defense and joint control mechanism issued a notice on further optimizing and implementing the prevention and control measures for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, announcing that it will no longer check the nucleic acid test negative certificate and health code for cross-regional migrants, and will no longer carry out 10 specific measures such as landing inspections.

Jimu News reporters learned that after the news was released, the popularity of air tickets, train tickets and hotels on travel platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, Tongcheng, and Fliggy soared, especially during the Spring Festival, the search volume reached a peak in the past three years.

The popularity of travel searches soared 9 times

Prior to this, many places in Hainan Province issued a notice to adjust the management measures for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of foreign personnel, announcing that from December 5th, people from outside the province to Hainan will no longer be subject to classified management.

The Jimu News reporter learned from Qunar data that since the relevant notices were issued in many places in Hainan Province, the number of hotel reservations in Sanya has increased by 3.5 times compared with last week. According to data from Ctrip, the number of room nights booked in Sanya hotels has increased by 95% month-on-month since the day after the official announcement of the above-mentioned policy in Hainan.

On the 7th, after the State Council issued a notice to further optimize and implement the prevention and control measures for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the relevant data rose further. Qunar data shows that after the news was released, the instantaneous search for hotels doubled, and the growth in Shanghai, Sanya, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Changsha, and Kunming was more obvious.

According to data from the Ctrip travel platform, as of 12:00 am on December 7, the popularity of travel searches in 2023 this week has increased by more than 900% compared with the same period last year.

What is the current booking situation of hotels in various places? Jimu News reporters contacted hotels in many popular scenic spots across the country. A hotel staff member in Sanya’s Jiyang District said that since the 6th, tourists from other places have called to inquire about check-in policies and book rooms. “House prices have also risen compared with before, and it is estimated that they will continue to rise.”

Mr. Zhang, the owner of an Internet-famous homestay in Yazhou District, Sanya City, said, “After the release of the new ten articles yesterday, a lot of rooms were booked out at once.” Mr. Zhang said that many tourists from Beijing and Xi’an called to inquire about parent-child rooms in recent days. , Twin rooms are fully booked, the earliest is only on the 14th, there is still room for double rooms and suites.

“Now the price is about the same as before, but judging by today’s situation, the price will increase tonight.” Mr. Zhang said that the price of the room will not rise too much at once, and the reservation should be made early.

However, the staff of hotels in many popular scenic spots in Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, and Kunming said that the prices of their hotels have not yet increased. “If the passenger flow increases sharply, the prices will be adjusted.”

Low-cost air tickets sold out in an instant

While hotels are booming, searches related to air tickets and train tickets have also ushered in a sharp rise.

According to data from Ctrip, after the relevant news was released, the search volume of air tickets on the Ctrip platform jumped by 160%. Among them, the search volume of air tickets on the eve of the Spring Festival (twelfth lunar month to New Year’s Eve) soared to the highest point in three years.

According to the data from Qunar, after the news was released, the search volume of air tickets increased by 7 times in an instant. The popular destinations were Sanya, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Harbin, and Changchun. The search volume of train tickets increased by 5 times, and the top 5 popular destinations were Chengdu, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing.

How have fares changed? A reporter from Jimu News found through a number of domestic ticket-buying apps that the prices of air tickets from Beijing to Sanya have risen slightly on the 8th and 9th. Among them, the fare on the 8th is 750 yuan, and the fare on the 9th is 800 yuan. But only 5 minutes later, the reporter refreshed the ticket again, and the ticket priced at 750 yuan on the 8th was gone.

The customer service of the relevant platform said that the economy class of the flight priced at 750 yuan was sold out on the 8th, and only 1,763 yuan can be booked at present.

Shen Jiani, a senior researcher at the Strategic Research Center of Ctrip Research Institute, believes that under the general trend of science and precision, epidemic prevention measures are also more flexible. After this adjustment, it will be significantly beneficial to the travel market.

“At present, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival are approaching two important travel peak periods. After implementing local policies in various places, it is expected that the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival markets may become the most important turning points in the tourism market in the past three years.” Shen Jiani believes that this After the release of this policy, it will further weaken the inconvenience of travel and significantly release liquidity.

Shen Jiani also said that since the implementation of policies in various regions still needs a certain period of time, it will take a period for tourists’ travel confidence to fully recover. It is expected that the market will gradually strengthen from the perspective of travel booking in the short term.

Some scenic spots still need to check the nucleic acid

So, do passengers currently need to check nucleic acid when traveling by plane or train?

The customer service staff of Beijing Daxing International Airport told the Jimu News reporter that according to the latest prevention and control requirements, all personnel entering the terminal do not need to check the negative nucleic acid test certificate, but they must scan the code to register and check for 48 hours when entering the terminal for dine-in and timing lounges. Negative certificate of internal nucleic acid test.

“Other boarding requirements are related to the prevention and control policies of your destination. Please contact the airline you are flying to confirm in time.” The staff reminded that passengers need to check with the destination before travel whether a nucleic acid test certificate is still required to avoid delays in travel.

The railway 12306 customer service said that from now on, the 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate and health code inspection will be stopped when buying tickets, taking trains, and entering and exiting stations, and the adjustment time of various prevention and control measures for entering Beijing will be notified separately.

According to the above-mentioned owner of the Sanya homestay, at present, passengers do not need to check the nucleic acid certificate when they check in. They only need to scan the local health code and it will be displayed as a green code to check in. “Passengers still need to check the 72-hour negative nucleic acid certificate and the green health code to check in.” A staff member of a hotel in Jiyang District, Sanya said that at present, foreign tourists no longer need to be quarantined, and they can check in with the green code and nucleic acid certificate.

The reporter learned that at present, tourists entering Sanya Wuzhizhou Island Tourist Area, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area, Tianya Haijiao Tourist Area and other scenic spots still need to check the 72-hour negative nucleic acid certificate and the green health code.

The staff of many hotels in Wuhou District and Jinjiang District of Chengdu told reporters that tourists from other low-risk areas currently need to hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate and undergo three inspections for three days. “It is true that some tourists have mentioned the new policy, but our hotel has not received specific notice from the community, and we need to check the relevant certificates.” A staff member said.

Chengdu Wuhou Temple, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and many other scenic spots also stated that tourists need to scan the code of the venue to enter the park, and they can enter the park with a green code status, and no nucleic acid inspection will be required.

The two hotels in Tianxin District and Furong District of Changsha City stated that they have not received any new notice from the community for the time being, and they still follow the previous policy. Visitors from other low-risk areas still need to check the 48-hour nucleic acid certificate and the green health code.

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