After the tensions due to the closure, an agreement was closed in Hurlingham and there will be no intern with La Cámpora

Late on Monday night, and almost 48 hours after the closing of lists at midnight on Saturday, in Hurlingham, in the west of Greater Buenos Aires, the unit list was almost closed after the noise that caused Lá Cámpora’s decision to face the mayor in the September primary elections.

As this newspaper learned from sources familiar with the conversations, Juan Zabaleta, Máximo Kirchner and other camper delegates had reached an agreement at the last minute this Monday in the front of all to lower both lists in the election for district councilor, and present before Wednesday – when the judicial deadlines expire – a single payroll. Only details remained to be closed.

The tension had escalated to the maximum at midnight on Saturday after La Cámpora presented its own local ballot with Martin Rodriguez, number two of the PAMI and former brother-in-law of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, to the head. Zabaleta then did the same and he ran himself as a candidate for councilor, a kind of management plebiscite with which he stood before the advance of the group.

It became, in fact, the main territorial dispute between a PJ mayor and the organization of the head of block K in Deputies outside the composition of the national ballot and the sections that they left the group as the main winner.

The same thing was about to happen in Esteban Echeverría, but in the end only Fernando Gray presented a single list, made up exclusively of leaders of his kidney. Of course: he decided to preserve the municipality in exchange for yielding to the provincial deputy who responds to him and whose mandate expires in December.

In the case of Hurlingham, since Saturday there have been attempts between both sectors to preserve party unity. On Sunday, the situation seemed to be tense to the extreme. But this Monday the negotiations got back on track and, at the last minute, only details remained. It was agreed, by case, that the name of the first candidate for councilor is neither Zabaleta nor Rodríguez.

It was after Merlo’s act that he headed at noon Alberto Fernandez, at a table where Zabaleta sat, the minister Gabriel Katopodis, Larroque and the second of Luana Volnovich in the PAMI.

“We are national news”, they joked on Saturday from the surroundings of the mayor, furious, as it transpired. The thing is although he had smoothed out some rough edges in recent months with the head of La CámporaZabaleta was one of those who opposed the landing of the deputy in Buenos Aires, a maneuver that began to take shape at the end of last year with the advance in the provincial PJ.

The preparation of the lists this weekend showed, in that sense, the decision of the group K to prosper in the Province: there were mayors, in fact, who had to give in. One of the cases is that of Mariano Cascallares, in exchange for his candidacy for provincial deputy for the third section. Examples abound.

There are, anyway, a good number of mayors who envision a substantive debate in the camper play that, in due course, will bring another quota of tension: the legislative discussion on the law that limited the re-election of communal chiefs in 2016. As it transpires, from La Cámpora they are not at all convinced to enable that discussion.

In parallel, this Monday there were also multiple conversations between Buenos Aires and Santa Fe about the primary school not yet deactivated in that province that has a Agustin Rossi as one of the main protagonists.

The minister appeared as a candidate for senator in front of the list that takes the provincial legislator Marcelo Lewandowski as first candidate, Senator María de los Ángeles Sacnun as second and Governor Omar Perotti as first alternate.

That is to say that the official, who according to sources in his environment was not convinced of being a candidate, appeared to fight, together with the President, against the governor and the vice president Cristina Kirchner, which sealed a deal last week. The minister analyzed this Monday to decline his application in pursuit of unity.


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