After two years of marriage, ‘Chicharito’ Hernández and Sarah Kohan would have ended their relationship

A source close to Javier Hernández assured that his marriage with Sarah Kohan would have ended (Photo: Instagram / @sarahkohan)

It’s been a couple of weeks since the rumors that Javier ‘El Chicharito’ Hernández and Sarah Kohan could have ended their relationship.

Now according to the magazine Class, “A very close source” to the footballer confirmed that the marriage between the man from Guadalajara and the Australian did indeed end.

During the last weeks the love life of the Mexican gave much to talk about, because The Australian model, shared on social networks a series of photographs accompanied by her children, Nala and Noah, in the celebration of the holidays. However, the family portrait caught the attention of the footballer’s fans, who noticed the absence of LA Galaxy forward.

The photographs increased rumors of a possible separation between the model and the Mexican sports star. In the series of photos, the actress holds little Nala in her arms and holds Noah by the hand, the three of them dress in light colors: “Merry Christmas from me and my little family”, The model wrote to accompany the photograph, wishing her followers a Merry Christmas from her and her little family. The publication prompted some comments from his followers, who noted the absence of the footballer and wished that the relationship between them would improve.

The model shared an image only with her children (Photo: Sarah Kohan via Instagram @sarahkohan)

The model shared an image only with her children (Photo: Sarah Kohan via Instagram @sarahkohan)

A day after posting the family portrait, the model shared an Instagram story in which she reflected on the challenge and pain that breakups bring: “The hardest decision to make is to walk away from someone you have tried so hard to work with. You can only do certain things to be compatible, but you cannot change someone to improve the relationship (…) Let him miss you and let him go”, The model shared through an image in English with her followers.

According to journalist Nelssie Carillo, Sarah Kohan shared the post that was originally published by a dating and thoughts page about love, through her stories. However, minutes after sharing it, he decided to delete it.

Javier ‘El Chicharito’ Hernández also shared with his followers how he celebrated Christmas. On Instagram, the Mexican soccer player posed with a filter of Christmas motifs that framed his eyes with glasses in the shape of a Christmas tree and put on a Santa Claus hat. ‘El Chicharito’ looked at the camera smiling and accompanied the post with an affectionate message: “I want to wish you all a very chingona Christmas! Enjoy life, “he wrote.

The couple had been married for almost two years (Photo: Instagram / @ ch14_)

The couple had been married for almost two years (Photo: Instagram / @ ch14_)

During this year, the couple was involved in scandals and controversies derived from an alleged infidelity and an alleged doubt about the paternity of the model’s children. The latter was motivated by the statements made by the personal trainer and coach of the Mexican forward, Diego Dreyfus, in a podcast.

In November, Sarah shared a message on social networks in which she denied all speculations regarding the paternity of her son Noah and assured that the Mexican is his father. In addition, she asked netizens to stop harassing her with questions on this topic.

This message was followed by some publications shared by ‘El Chicharito’ Hernández and Sarah Kohan. In these publications, both showed that their relationship was going through difficult times. Above all, the couple made an effort to recognize the importance of loving without possessing or having attachments. This situation increased the rumors about an imminent separation.

In social networks, the Australian model has shared intimate moments between her and her children. She has especially appreciated the support of her family and her mother, Gail Kohan. In these publications you can see her relaxed and enjoying the holidays with her loved ones. So far, she has not yet made any official separation between her and the footballer.


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