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Against the cold of the bridge, war cinema and the new 'Charlie's Angels'


On a December bridge that promises cold in much of Spain, cinemas propose a dozen premieres to fight the sofa: from 'Midway', the American vision of its nuclear attack, to the new trio of 'Charlie's Angels' : Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

'Charlie's Angels'

Spy Agency, now international

Charlie's business has expanded: in the Elizabeth Banks movie, 'Charlie's Angels', the world's smartest and bravest women provide security and research across the globe. Everything is complicated for the agency with the arrival of a young engineer, whose technology endangers the Earth.

In this film, which aims to give a feminist turn to the well-known franchise, the protagonist trio has the faces of Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. The soundtrack stands out, which includes a song performed by three international pop titanas: Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana del Rey.


The bombing of Pearl Harbor, bird's eye view

The films that narrate the Japanese fire against the naval base of Pearl Harbor in 1942 are counted by tens; Not so many have counted the American counteroffense, which led to the detonation of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now leads to the cinema Roland Emmerich ('The Patriot') in 'Midway'.

The film focuses on the stories of Admiral Nimitz (Woody Harrelson) and pilot Richard Best (Ed Skrein) to narrate this decision that changed the course of World War II.

'Legacy in the bones'

The Baztán trilogy returns to the cinema

Actress Marta Etura gives life to Inspector Amaia Salazar in 'Legado en los bones', the film adaptation of the second volume of the Baztán de Dolores Redondo trilogy, in a film directed by Fernando González Molina and in which Salazar fights for maintaining the balance between his work and his motherhood.

A film 'more complex and more cinematic than its predecessor', as the director of the film recently assured Efe, which starts with the apparent suicide of several prisoners who leave Salazar a mysterious message: the word 'Tarttalo' in a letter.

'The great lie'

Ian Mckellen and Helen Mirren: from the game to love there is a step

Two of the most internationally recognized British actors, Ian Mckellen and Helen Mirren, are put under the orders of Bill Condon to interpret in 'The big lie' the protagonists of a scam that is twisted: that of Roy, a professional thief who deals to seduce widow Betty, but ends up falling in love with her.

'Longa noite'

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The postwar period from a small Galician village

The filmmaker Eloy Enciso finally lands in the Spanish theaters after having presented his latest film, 'Longa noite', at the Toronto, Locarno and Seville festivals, where he was awarded.

Performed by non-professional actors, it is located in a small town in Lugo during the postwar period and talks about resentment and grief using classic texts that she dresses with letters from prisoners donated by families.

'The traitor'

Mafia and murders in the Italy of the eighties

The Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio tells in 'The traitor' the real confrontation between two Sicilian mafia bosses that led criminal Tomasso Busccetta to flee to Brazil while his children were killed. Once there, he will start a game of loyalties and secrets that will culminate in a deal with Judge Giovanni Falcone, betraying the criminal society Cosa Nostra.

'The young Ahmed'

Religious radicalization in Belgium

The Dardenne brothers address in their latest film, 'Young Ahmed', the religious radicalization of a 12-year-old boy in Belgium, played by debutant Idir Ben Addi, who abandons his family obsessed with the purity of Islamic precepts. The film won the award for best director in Cannes and the best screenplay and editing at the recent Valladolid festival.

'Bayala, a magical adventure'

Fairies and dragons save the world

In the German animated film 'Bayala, a magical adventure', the little ones will enjoy a colorful and musical tape starring fairies and dragons, the latter almost extinct. When the sun fairy finds the last dragon egg, the princess of the kingdom, Surah, will join her friends on an adventure to save the little animal and thus save the magic of the world.

'Solan & Eri, mission to the moon'

Norwegian animation heading to space

With the Norwegian address of Rasmus A. Siversten comes the second proposal of animation of the December bridge: a stop motion tape that tells the adventure of the brave Solan and Eri, who embark on a space adventure to try to arrive, fifty years after the first moon landing, for the second time to the Moon. To do this, they will get to work and build their own ship.

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