News Agnès Buzyn nominated LRM candidate to replace Benjamin Griveaux

Agnès Buzyn nominated LRM candidate to replace Benjamin Griveaux


The Minister of Health and Solidarity, Agnès Buzyn, on February 8 in Paris. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP

Two days after Benjamin Griveaux abandoned the race at the Paris City Hall following the dissemination of intimate videos on the Internet, La République en Marche (LRM) found him a replacement, Agnès Buzyn. She herself is replaced at the post of Minister of Solidarity and Health by the deputy and doctor Olivier Véran, announced the Elysee Sunday February 16 in the evening.

Agnes Buzyn said in the afternoon that she was running in the capital under the label of the presidential party in the municipal elections in March. “I’m going, I want to. I’m going to win “she said. “Today I want to share with Parisians my desire to join the municipal campaign of Paris: I love Paris, I know it, I was born there, I have lived there forever, and I think I have a lot to bring to all those who, like me, live there every day ”, she wrote in a letter of intent, sent to Agence France-presse (AFP).

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The executive office of the presidential party formalized his designation in the process, saying in a press release that he deemed his candidacy to be “The most solid in the unprecedented situation that the majority has lived in recent days”. Mme Buzyn “Achieved consensus among all stakeholders in the Paris campaign and the majority”, added Stanislas Guerini, the general delegate of LRM.

Officially invested, Mme Buzyn announced that she is leaving her “Ministerial functions as the increased intense activity, in particular related to the management of the coronavirus, requires total involvement”. She resigned to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and President Emmanuel Macron. “The President of the Republic welcomes the decision of Agnès Buzyn, a decision of heart and commitment, a courageous decision, his will to lead the electoral fight in Paris honors him”, said the Elysee.

Abandonment for rivals

For Gilles Le Gendre, the patron of walking deputies, “Agnes Buzyn will bring Parisians together and build with them a future of progress for the capital”. The former candidate for mayor of Paris and LRM deputy, Mounir Mahjoubi is not resentful: ” She convinced us, he said. At work to build the suite together. I am happy and I will be by his side until victory. Parisians are ready for the work-study program. ” Patrick Mignola, leader of MoDem MPs, Minister of Health “Will breathe new life into the capital”.

The entourage of dissident candidate Cédric Villani, former LRM, however criticizes a choice that “Weakens the executive in the midst of a health crisis”. An opinion shared by the opposition, like Emmanuel Grégoire, campaign director of the outgoing mayor and PS candidate Anne Hidalgo:

“Two days ago Agnès Buzyn explained that she could not be a candidate in Paris because of the major subjects which she deals with: coronavirus, hospital crisis… This abandonment of post shows that the interest of LRM prevails over the interest national, it’s a serious political mistake ”.

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“The public health system was put in a thrombosis situation by the management of Mrs. Buzyn. We are 11 months on strike at the hospital. The campaign of the Republic in March in Paris is over. Madame Buzyn represents the destruction of the public hospital “, also listed on Twitter the leader of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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World News :

National Rally (RN) MEP, Jordan Bardella, judged this decision on LCI “Worrying and overwhelming for Macronie”, while “The country is going through a worrying epidemic, that of the coronavirus with a first patient who died a few days ago”.

Coronavirus, public hospital and pensions

Friday again, Agnès Buzyn affirmed indeed on France Inter that she does not “Could not” be a candidate because of her agenda ” very busy “. Her departure from the Ministry of Health and Solidarity comes when the files on her desk are numerous, between the coronavirus crisis but also the situation of the public hospital and the parliamentary debate on pensions, where she was to hold the bench. government alongside Secretary of State Laurent Pietraszewski.

My “Successor obviously will take over” the subjects “Significant” of the ministry, had assured Agnès Buzyn. It is now Olivier Véran who will have to manage the many sensitive files of the ministry. 39 years old and from the socialist ranks, this LREM deputy, neurologist by profession, was rapporteur for the Social Security budget in the Assembly and co-rapporteur for the law on pension reform. A follower of shock formulas, willingly teasing with opposition, he had long hoped to enter government, including under the previous five-year term.

The 58-year-old former doctor and former president of the National Cancer Institute also inherits a difficult mission, less than 30 days before the first round on March 15. Before his dramatic withdrawal on Friday, Benjamin Griveaux was only third in the polls, behind outgoing Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Republican candidate Rachida Dati.

In parallel, the investigation opened on Saturday following the filing of a complaint against X by Mr. Griveaux continues. Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski, who claimed to have broadcast sex videos, and his partner, suspected of having been the first recipient of these images, were in police custody on Sunday for “Invasion of privacy” and “Dissemination of sexual images without the person’s consent”.

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