AGON by AOC Introduces AGON PRO AG275QXL League of Legends Limited Edition Monitor with Hextech-Style Appearance #LoL (177313)

AGON by AOC announces the launch of AGON PRO AG275QXL with Riot Games – AGON “League of Legends” limited edition gaming monitor, emphasizing professional gaming-grade display effects and functions, the appearance is just with the iconic design of Hextech, providing players with the ultimate The best visual experience and collection value. AOC also invited the game live hosts “Mimi Egg (MMD)” and “Night Rain” to experience it first.

▲ Equipped with QHD 170Hz Fast IPS panel, the frame, back and base are integrated into the style of Hextech

AGON PRO AG275QXL – AGON “League of Legends” limited edition gaming monitor will be launched in Taiwan on May 16, with a suggested price of 18,888 yuan, from May 16 to May 23, you can enjoy a discounted price of 16,888 In addition, 5 groups will be launched together with strategic partners to launch Logitech G’s League of Legends Faith Set, including AGON PRO AG275QXL – AGON “League of Legends” limited e-sports monitor, Logitech G x League of Legends e-sports set, AOC battle luggage box, Logitech G x League of Legends limited collection box, only sold through the official Logitech channel, priced at 29,999 yuan. League of Legends Faith Set Purchase Links: Logitech G

▲Light effects can be linked with game events

Photo contains angle, League of Legends, AOC AG275QXL monitor, 27 inches, TPV

▲Unique back design

▲ Bottom I/O, with VESA standard hanger lock point

AGON PRO AG275QXL – The AGON “League of Legends” limited edition gaming monitor uses a 27-inch Fast IPS panel with QHD resolution and 170Hz refresh rate, and also complies with VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification and provides G-Sync Compatible certification; the design is on the back of the machine , The frame and the base are integrated with the main vision of Kex Technology. The start-up display also has the light effect of League of Legends x AGON, and an exclusive screen mode is set for recovery. At the same time, Light FX technology can trigger corresponding light effects with game events. The G-menu software also sets the boot screen and OSD menu to the League of Legends style.

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