Ahmad Dhani’s Controversial Songwriting: Bebi Romeo’s Revelation on ‘If I Could’ Lyrics

2023-06-02 11:06:00

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– Musician Bebi Romeo reveals Ahmad Dhani’s response, who was caught copying a Western song when writing the lyrics to the song “If I Could”, sung by Chrisye.

It all started when Bebi was asked to write a song for Chrisye within a two-day deadline.

At that time Bebi did not get the idea to fill in the lyrics so he asked Ahmad Dhani for help.

“It’s true, it’s two days since, how much is the budget asking for? That’s all, deal,” Bebi said, repeating his conversation with Ahmad Dhani at that time, as quoted from YouTube Sophie Navita Tv.

Within two days, Ahmad Dhani finished the work and gave it to Bebi Romeo.

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Satisfied with the lyrics produced by Ahmad Dhani, and even praised Dhani, Bebi only realized what had happened after the song was released and was widely criticized because it was said to be similar to James Ingram’s Western song “I Don’t Have A Heart”.

“Why, ‘I don’t have a heart’, I thought,” said Bebi.

“Oh mo***t this kid, I said. Just got angry, I released it. Dhan, are you cheating? ‘Well, you asked for two days,’ he said, ouch the Javanese (Dhani),” Bebi continued with laughter.

Even though he panicked, Bebi received an explanation from Ahmad Dhani regarding the lyrics which were copied from James Ingram’s western song.

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“Then what about it? ‘It’s good, Beb, there aren’t any musicians like me, cheating but good,'” Bebi said, imitating Ahmad Dhani’s words at that time.

“‘Try asking other composers to take lyrics from wherever they put them in the song, only I’m good at it.’ Yes, it’s up to you, I said that,” added Bebi, who finally gave up.

Despite this fact, Bebi admitted that the lyrics of the song “If I Could”, written by Ahmad Dhani, moved him.

Bebi admitted that he had cried when he heard the version of the song Chrisye had sung.

“I listened to it great, Chrisye really, in my opinion, was second to none, that’s a song I (heard) cried,” recalled Bebi.

“I’m crying, it’s so good. Oh my God, this is my work, how come it’s really good to sing with him,” he continued.

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