Air-e detects meter handling in 3 multifamily

In three multi-family, two located in Barraquilla and one in Soledad, technical staff of Air-e detected tampering with meters and electrical networks.

Technical actions were carried out in the Montecristo multifamily in the vicinity of Carrera 55 with Calle 48, where In 12 existing properties, irregularities were found in 5.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic multifamily on Carrera 52 with 94 in Altos del Limón 9 apartments were found with irregularities. Some with direct connections and others with manipulated meters.

On the other hand, In the Doña Soledad Residential Complex, it was found that in 17 apartments they manipulated networks and meters to evade the payment of the actual consumption of the energy service.

Faced with this situation, the general manager of Air-e, engineer Jhon Jairo Toro assured that the company has increased its actions with the support of technicians and high-tech equipment.

We invite clients to legality. We are a close company and with open doors, but those who manipulate and affect the energy service will apply the actions established by law, ”said Jhon Jairo Toro.


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