Al Reveals Reyna’s Status, Andin Smiles Again, Predicts the Bond of Love Thursday, February 11, 2021

ATTACK NEWS – Soap opera Bond of Love which aired on RCTI, the storyline was more interesting and tense.

Every day Bond of Love always presents unexpected scenes and even makes the audience feel excited (baper).

With a different story line from soap operas other, soap operas Bond of Love able to attract the attention of lovers soap operas in Indonesia.

Then how is the next story from soap operas by MNC Pictures, as we all know in the previous episode Al finally to be honest Andin.

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While dancing with Andin, Al finally to be honest Andin that he had previously paid a witness to challenge him Andin.

Even though at that time what the witness said at the trial was Mr. Sodikin and Pak Eggs according to what they saw.

Al forced to do that because they don’t want to see the person who has killed Roy must get leniency.


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