Alberto received the Liaison Table at the Casa Rosada

The representatives arrived at the office where, in addition to Fernández, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries met, Louis basterra; The chancellor Felipe Solá; the secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Beliz, and the deputy chief of staff, Cecilia Todesca.

The meeting was scheduled by the President hours after the entities of the countryside They will request it to debate proposals on how to stimulate production and reduce costs that affect its price in the gondola, and personally express their rejection of a possible increase in withholdings or the application of quotas to the export of primary products.

The reaction of the sector came after the President raised the possibility of applying this type of measures to avoid a transfer to the consumer of the increase in the international price of products such as meat, corn and wheat, thus, “To guarantee Argentines that they have the food they need at reasonable prices.”

Fernández said that he is not “against the field” but focused on a salary recovery “in real terms” after a loss that, in the last four years, “it was 20 percent”, as expressed during a report granted days ago.

“What producers have to understand is that pastures are not dollarized. Corn production is not dollarized. They cannot transfer international prices to the Argentine table because they do not produce at international prices.” noted the President.

The summons of the president to the ruralistas also occurs at a time when the national government will begin an instance of dialogue with business and union sectors to reach agreements based on the premise of achieving a real improvement in wages over prices.

As he could know Ambit, the Liaison Table will bring to the meeting an old request prepared for the candidates of the last PASO elections, in July 2019, where they raised 14 proposals from the field and production to carry out.

In the document, the ruralists warn that the four entities of the countryside advocate the “harmonious development” of the country, of production, employment, the reduction of poverty, the feeding of our people and the intelligent connection with the world.

Among the “central points” of the issues that concern the Liaison Table, a greater impulse of the internal market and a tax reform.

“We need to put aside distorting tools such as gross income, tax to the check, stamp taxes, taxes on the wage bill, statistical rates on imported inputs “, pointed out. And they added: “We propose a new tax scheme that includes special tax incentives for small-scale producers, SMEs, regional economies and emergency situations. It should be avoided that taxes are collected in advance, under the prerogative of payments on account ”.

In addition, they will request that Congress define the withholdings. “Export duties are a bad tax, they do not take into account the profitability of producers, they discourage investment and reduce the competitiveness of exports, which is why we are promoting their elimination for all products”, they indicated.

Liaison table proposals for the field July 10, 2019.pdf

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