“Aldi Taher: The Indonesian Celebrity Stirring Up Headlines with Politics, Endorsements, and Shoe Soles”

2023-05-30 04:00:00


Who doesn’t know Aldi Taher? One of these Indonesian celebrities has indeed succeeded in capturing the attention of pairs of eyes.

Aldi Taher always come up with horrendous news. Not long ago, it went viral again regarding his endorsement rate, which is only IDR 100,000. This will happen in 2021.

This was uploaded in his Instagram Stories. Aldi Taher is seen returning to repost screen responses from netizens.

“Waalaikum greetings endorse I LOVE YOU SO MUCH on feeds or stories IG @alditaher.official without deleting,” said Aldi Taher in his Instagram Stories seen detik.com, Tuesday (30/5/2023).

“Impression of 12 million viewers INSTA ALLAH, transfer 100 thousand to rek bca (censor) an aldi taher, send proof of transfer, send a 60 second photo or video of the product and caption AND mention IG..” he said.

But with endorse rates for that price, Aldi Taher have requirements that must be approved.

“Videos and photos can’t have women’s private parts… products that don’t qualify for a refund,” he continued.

The post immediately received responses from netizens. They considered that maybe at this time it was impossible for Aldi Taher’s endorsement rate to be IDR 100,000.

Not only that, Aldi Taher also made a new stir by registering as a candidate for the legislature. However, Aldi Taher confused the KPU because he registered with two different parties.

Aldi Taher was registered as a legislative candidate for the DPR RI Crescent Star Party (PBB) and the Indonesian Unity Party (Perindo). Aldi Taher is known to have come to the General Elections Commission (KPU) office with Perindo Party officials.

Registered as legislators from two parties, Aldi Taher admits that he is also confused.

“Never mind the KPU, I’m just confused as to why I got into politics. I’m a chicken noodle seller, I’m a member of the jellyfish wakwaw,” said Aldi Taher when met at the Trans TV studio, Jalan Captain Tendean, South Jakarta, yesterday.

However, Aldi Taher still advised young people not to be ashamed of getting involved in politics. His step forward to politics is said to be like Bung Karno’s.

“But like this, young people don’t be ashamed of politics because Bung Karno advanced in politics from a young age. So Aldi Taher is Bung Karno’s twin. Bismillah, pray for Aldi Taher to be useful for Indonesia, amen,” he said.

Broken Shoe soles at a Stage

Recently Aldi Taher was also in the spotlight because the sole of his shoe broke during a gig in one of the areas. Aldi Taher also showed it on his Instagram.

Aldi Taher was not embarrassed when the soles of his shoes were broken, but he even showed it when the soles of his shoes were immediately put on raffia laces.

“Look at my shoes… anyone wants to endorse raffia rope,” explained Aldi Taher on his Instagram.

The post immediately received responses from netizens.

“Hopefully, roller skates are endorsed, OK, so that when you’re on stage, you can get attractions,” explained the ters **** account.

“Is there any anti-shame anyway, so that it doesn’t harm other people,” said the account etrd ****.

“Salute, I’m not proud, but it’s fun, but it’s entertaining, masyallah,” added another account.

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