Aldo Miyashiro ‘blocks’ a reporter in pichanga VIDEO: “If they don’t let you go to soccer it’s because you’re a jerk” infidelity Fiorella Retiz entertainment | SHOWS

THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. Aldo Miyashiro reappeared on the soccer fields last Saturday, July 2 with your team ‘Eleven Males’ and was approached by a journalist who asked him to announce the return of the pichangas for all men after his controversial ampay with Fiorella Retiz.

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The driver was present at a friendly match at the Sports Complex in Ate and at the end of the meeting, a reporter asked him about his return to football despite the great stir it caused on social networks.

Make an invitation so we can go out and play soccer, please, we can go back to the pichangas”, the journalist from El Popular is heard saying. However, the “Chinese” response was unexpected.

Aldo Miyashiro answered immediately and without a smile on his face. “Whoever wants to go out to play soccer can go out to play soccer, if they don’t let you it’s because you’re a ***”he pointed.


The king of pichangas said it! Aldo Miyashiro returned to the fields after the ampay and spoke about the prohibition of women for their partners to go to the fields: “Anyone can play soccer. If they don’t let you, it’s because you’re a jerk.” Credits: The Republic.

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After going through a scandalous ampay with the reporter Fiorella Retizcausing the end of his marriage with Erika Villalobos, driver Aldo Miyashiro he returned to the pichangas with his team ‘Once Machos’a team where the journalist was also a part.

“We return to the courts in a friendly match. I thank you for always being with me in such difficult times. I want to continue working with you and we have to show a good game for so many people“He said at first to his entire team,” he said.


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