Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) metamorphosed and unrecognizable, disappointed by the critics, she clasps her haters

The adventurer took to part his detractors who criticized his physique. The young woman seized her Instagram account. She shared two very revealing photos of her physique, accompanied by a very long message.

The suspense is at its peak. Fans of Koh-Lanta will discover the 1st part of the final of the last season this Friday, November 27. Loïc, Lola, Dorian, Brice and Alexandra will compete in the final rounds that will lead them to the essential posts.

TF1 will then broadcast this event on December 4 and only 3 candidates will fight against the blazing sun. We already know that Alexandra will be there. This candidate impressed viewers throughout the season not only for her physical efforts but also for her logical strategies and collective performances.

Unfortunately, she has been the subject of a lot of criticism because of her physique. Hackers laughed at the photos she posted to her Instagram account after the survival game. But the 32-year-old mother has strong backs. She doesn’t intend to be fooled by low-level comments.

This Wednesday, November 25, the adventurer therefore seized his Instagram account. Determined to nail the beak once and for all to her detractors, she wrote a long message. “Many criticized me for my physique from the start of my adventure,” she began by recalling. Her message accompanies two photos in which the young woman appears very muscular and also more curvaceous.

Today I see myself in the mirror and I say to myself, luckily I had some reserves to hold on… Certainly I did not favor aesthetics by leaving on Koh Lanta, but at least, in front of this mirror, I tell myself that I am proud to have arrived there so far, that even skinny, it is always me, and that I decide that I will accept myself from now on with all my diets and taken weight….”, she congratulated herself.

Alexandra: “Why are women underestimated (…) in Koh Lanta?

“Besides, I find myself as well on the two photos as on Koh Lanta as well as on Insta, despite all the flaws that some have noticed… The main thing is to be good about yourself, and I put it back a layer but honestly, why are women underestimated and more targeted on their physique than men in Koh Lanta? ”, the Wonder Woman fan then wondered.

And to continue: “Proud of the photo on the left, because my curves come from my second pregnancy and it’s the image of happiness…. and a mother who keeps her head high and takes responsibility for… ”, said Alexandra before concluding with her head held high and positive. “And twelve months later, the second photo with a return to sport to boost me despite the difficulties with this need at all costs to prove myself on Koh Lanta. So today, I am sometimes disappointed that judgments are made on the superficial… No one should tell you what you should look like, no one should make fun of you for what you are or represent, public woman or not! ”

His subscribers immediately acclaimed his message. Well done to her!

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