Alexfitbox: The Star Trainer

The physical trainer of celebrities such as Kate del Castillo, Eva Longoria and Gaby Espino is the creator of the “burst” routine with which he seeks to generate relaxation, health and energy throughout the day.

The Colombian physical trainer Alexfitbox has just received recognition in Mexico for his work as a coach: the Golden Microphone. / Óscar Castaño

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The Colombian physical trainer Alexfitbox has just received recognition in Mexico for his work as a coach: the Golden Microphone. / Óscar Castaño

The Colombian physical trainer Alexfitbox has just received recognition in Mexico for his work as a coach: the Golden Microphone. / Óscar Castaño

You have just received an international award for your work as a personal trainer, how do you get to such a high level?

This Golden Microphone, as the award is called, has been a great blessing. I receive it with great joy. It is something that I did not expect, but everything comes in due course. I hope it is not the last and that many more will come. I believe that this award is the reward for years of preparation and effort; It was awarded to me in Mexico for my work as an athlete and celebrity fitness trainer.

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What is the story of the “king of the pop”?

I’ve always been in love with training, in love with fitness. I was a bald fourteen year old who dreamed of working in a gym, I always carried it in my heart, I always longed for it and today we are seeing what we dream of. I went through many gyms, but they told me no, they broke my resume and today I am remembering this, but not as a grudge, but as an anecdote. I do a bit of history and today I am the “king and owner of the explosion.”

What is this training plan called “burst”?

It is a training where the same word says it, “burst”. It is putting all your physical resistance, all your desire to train, all your physical energy to the limit. Not only do you break out, this leaves you happy, it gives visible results in no time. It is a training in which you not only work your aesthetic part, you also work your physical and mental part; it is a medicinal program. It is to find relaxation, health and energy all day.

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He is the physical trainer of many celebrities, how did they get into his hands and who are they?

I think that all the experience that I have acquired and the creativity that the explosion takes when executing and preparing an artist helped me to open doors to personalities and celebrities around the world. It is a workout where you work cardiovascular endurance, definition, muscle tone, develop agility and character; everything an artist needs. This system suited personalities like Kate del Castillo, Eva Longoria, Stephanie Sigman and Gaby Espino, in Miami; Kimberly Doramos and Clarisa Molina, in Los Angeles, and Michael Peña, in Las Vegas.

Does the same physical routine work for all of them?

The burst is one, but the functional routine applies to any body and age, but in a matter of preparing an artist it is more designed, specialized and focused. However, the program was designed for everyone.

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The phrase is “you are what you eat” or how does exercise work?

Exercise is to keep your body active, the most important thing is to always do physical activity. I am convinced that exercising is the key to everything, food is a complement, but we always have to look for what is healthy, and sport is health.

What is the difference between being “fitness”, bodybuilder and athletic?

For me, being a fitness, bodybuilder and athletic are fields of sport focused on different objectives and each one has its specialists in execution. The burst is focused on the fitness segment, it is to be physically well and healthy; obviously you will be aesthetically good, toned and marked, but the system is more focused on the fitness body.

Is a body built from exercise or does the operating room help?

I will always be clear that the body is built with exercise, good advice on training and food, that they are professionals in both areas, and focus on the objectives. I do not agree with the operating rooms.

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What is the best time to do a good exercise routine?

To be well physically and cardiovascular there is no schedule, everyone chooses their schedule of the day: in the morning, afternoon or evening. I would recommend more in the morning to be more active, but anytime is fine.

A key to making the effective plan to be “fitness” explode.

A key for people to know that the burst is a method that will make you fit, physically well and is your modality: the first thing you should do is dare to practice it, do it under the care of a professional, you must do it for four weeks minimum, and realize that it is a complete system that involves all the muscles of your body. It is a dynamic and fun system that mixes various movement techniques and sports from around the world.

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