Alfonso Ortiz, renowned Colombian actor, died at 71 years of age

November 13, 2020 – 06:27 am
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After almost a week fighting for his life, the renowned actor Alfonso Ortiz passed away on Thursday night.

Since last Friday, the artist had been admitted to the Colombia Clinic in Bogotá, where he arrived after suffering a heart attack in the middle of recording for a new program of a recognized regional channel on the outskirts of the capital of the country.

He went directly to the Intensive Care Unit with a reserved prognosis, where he was tested for covid-19, which he tested negative.

With more than 40 years dedicated to acting, new generations recognize him for his performances in soap operas such as ‘La Hija del Mariachi’, ‘Chepe Fortuna’, ‘Pobre Pablo’, ‘Las detectivas y el Víctor’ and ‘Los Reyes’ , among other. For those who grew up in the nineties, you may remember him for being part of the series ‘Head to toe’.

In addition, it also had a strong activity in the world of tables, along with its participation in emblematic Colombian film productions, such as ‘La Vorágine’, released 30 years ago, as well as the work directed by Sergio Cabrera and inspired by the novel by Santiago Gamboa, ‘Losing is a matter of method’.

‘Karmma the weight of your acts’, ‘The story of the pink trunk’, ‘The first night’, ‘Kalibre 35’, ‘Stadium coup’, ‘The debt’ and ‘Oedipus mayor’, are other feature films in those that Alfonso Ortiz actively participated within its cast.

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In fact, it was at the age of 17 that he began his acting work, when he took the acting workshop at the La Mama theater in Bogotá. It would only take a year to begin to show all his talent, combined with his dedication and constant work in the construction of his characters.

The play ‘La galera’ was his professional debut on stage, which was followed by productions such as ‘Guadalupe años sin- Cuenta’, a true classic of Colombian theater, together with the theatrical adaptation of the work by Gabriel García Márquez , ‘The incredible and sad story of Cándida Eréndira and her heartless grandmother’, as well as that theater piece that revolves around the events of the Taking of the Palace of Justice 35 years ago, ‘La siempreviva’, among the many more .

He never stopped preparing, with dramatic art workshops in New York, Rome and Mexico and studied with great teachers such as Peter Brook, Darío Cook and Eugenio Barba.

As a result of his studies and work, he became a recognized acting teacher, working both in Mexico and Colombia at the National School of Dramatic Art and the National University, among other dramatic art training centers, being the founder and director Theatrical school’s Toolbox.

Perhaps one of his last interventions on the screen was a small but emotional role in the Netflix series, ‘The robbery of the century’, a fiction, based on real life events, about the multimillionaire robbery of the Bank of the Republic of Valledupar in the nineties.

Ortiz dedicated himself to acting for more than 40 years. He participated in productions such as ‘La Hija del Mariachi’, ‘Chepe Fortuna’, ‘Pobre Pablo’, ‘Las detectivas y el Víctor’ and ‘Los Reyes’.

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On the morning of this Thursday, his situation began to deteriorate with serious respiratory problems, until he passed away on the night of the same day, but the news was released at dawn this Thursday.

Along with his work as an actor, several generations of actors had him as an acting teacher, such as Santiago Alarcón and Carolina Guerra, who were among the first to express their sadness over the disappearance of one of the acting legends in the country.


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