All international negative reports on Algeria would receive Morocco’s visa, according to APS

Par Taieb Dekkar

The Algerian press agency APS DZ has attacked in recent days the director of UNICEF in Algiers, treated as “pu product of the Makhzen“, because of a critical report on young Algerians (15-24 years old) who, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund, in addition to being “severely affected by unemployment and precariousness, face low education and economic exclusion

».«This report was commissioned by fabricators who were behind the World Bank’s misleading reports and its relays“, according to the same source. Algeria would beA modelfor Africa, according to APS, not only in the youth sector, but also in food security. On this last ground, we must recognize such performances to our neighbor to the East, after a succession of shortages of food products including potatoes, lentils, table oil, milk, poultry meat , sardines, which had caused a rationing, at the end of deplorable scenes of jostling, everywhere in the country. In such a situation, how could Algeria “to procure» certification of «model in africa

in terms of food safety! Like always, “l’investigation

by professionals from the Algerian press agency led journalists to discover that the director of the UNICEF office had completed his doctoral studies in medicine in Morocco. So here are the established proofs of his connivance with the Kingdom!. This is enough to overwhelm this international civil servant. Like the current Secretary General of the FLN, whose the militants of the former single party had claimed the head, these last months, because he had made his university studies in Morocco! This is more than enough to accuse him of espionage, for the benefit of Morocco! Investigative journalists omit to add that the head of the FLN was, during his stay in Rabat, in contact with the Algerian embassy, ​​which had employed him… at the office of the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA ). These discoveries by investigative journalists amplify the vehemence of Algerians towards the Kingdom, where the Algerian community has lived peacefully for ages, enjoying all its rights, including the right to property. “ Who better than a pure product of the makhzen can accomplish this dirty work?

“, adds the APS, which seems to ignore the call to order of the head of the Algerian government and which repeats, by opening a new conflict with an international organization. Let’s not talk about the Kingdom of Morocco, which finds itself, in spite of itself, on all Algerian stages, although our country pays no interest to official and private Algerian ramblings. As always, the director of UNICEF is accused of connivance with Morocco, in a new plot, aimed at tarnishing the positive image of Algeria, which would have risen to the charts on the international scene. As I have already said, on other occasions, Morocco can only rejoice in what the news agency and Algerian officials, at all levels, lend it as strength and power, going as far as dictate to international institutions their reports on Algeria. Yesterday it was the World Bank. Today it is UNICEF. On the World Bank, the head of the Algerian government noted that “some media had exaggerated in the analysis of the contentof the World Bank report, inviting “a thorough reading of the report” to avoid “any sensitivity

between the institutions and Algeria. the APS had taken note of this, by inserting this development on its site, in parallel with its diatribes against the World Bank.

To a certain extent, the Algerian news agency demolishes the allegations of Algerian leaders, including President Tebboune himself, who claims that Algeria is the first power in the Maghreb and Africa. In the logic of the APS, the first power is therefore not Algeria, but the country which is able to dictate to international institutions their periodic reports on Algeria. To do this, it goes without saying that we will have to thank the APS for its congratulations. Even if she would have received general instructions to attack Morocco, with all winds, she seems to manage these instructions clumsily, by attacking the World Bank, which was based in its last report on the data of the Algerian government.

The accusations made against the Kingdom, or as the Algerians prefer to call it, the Makhzen, comfort us, we Moroccans, who are supposed to have strong capacities to interfere with Algeria’s partners. At the same time, we will pray to the Most High to endow our Algerian brothers with “a minimum of reason and lucidity”, to better identify the true from the false. Morocco has been careful not to respond to this outlandish information, especially since it is up to the international institutions, which are targeted, to react to these boasts from an official news agency, which has lost all credibility. At the same time, we are delighted that APS DZ, our former partner in the Maghreb, which terminated the cooperation agreements with the Moroccan agency, for having included MAP among the press agencies, in a listing of African, Asian, European and Latin American press (APS DZ Wiltipedia).The APS has not reserved any space for the Polisario agency (SPS), its provider of information on the Tindouf camps and on “heroism and bravery» Polisario soldiers in «the liberated territories

“. We are at nearly 400 military press releases, taken over entirely by the APS, which has exclusively dedicated a space to it on its electronic site, which is constantly updated. But ignoring SPS, whose APS is the only agency in the world to pass on press releases, does not hide the lack of conviction that Algerians generally show with regard to this machine dedicated to propaganda, the echo of which does not even reach not to the inhabitants of the town of Tindouf, in the immediate vicinity.

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