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Played between Wednesday and Saturday after a year of waiting, the 24 matches of the 3e CAN 2021 qualifying day returned their verdict, with a few surprises, such as the crazy 4-4 between Nigeria and Sierra Leone. We will also remember the victory of Côte d’Ivoire against Madagascar (2-1) which allows the Elephants to revive. Find all the results and mid-term rankings below. And see you on Sunday for the kick off 4e day !

The results of the 3rd day of the CAN 2021 qualifiers (click on a result to access the detailed report of the match in question)

Group A

Mali 1–0 Namibia
Guinea 1–0 Chad

Group B

Burkina Faso 3–1 Malawi
Uganda 1–0 South sudan

Group C

Ghana 2–0 Sudan
South Africa 2–0 Sao Tome and Principe

Group D

Gabon 2–1 Gambia
RD Congo 0–0 Angola

Group E

Mauritania 1–1 Burundi
Morocco 4–1 Central African Republic

Group F

Cape Verde 0–0 Rwanda
Cameroon 4–1 Mozambique

Group G

Kenya 1–1 Comoros
Egypt 1–0 Togo

Group H

Algeria 3–1 Zimbabwe
Zambia 2–1 Botswana

Group I

Congo 2–0 In Swaziland
Senegal 2–0 Guinea-Bissau

Group J

Libya 2–3 Equatorial Guinea
Tunisia 1–0 Tanzania

Group K

Niger 1–0 Ethiopia
Ivory Coast 2–1 Madagascar

Group L

Nigeria 4–4 Sierra Leone
Benign 1–0 Lesotho

The group by group classification of the CAN 2021 qualifiers

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