“All the people outside will be killed”

Repression intensifies in Burma against opponents of the military coup of 1is February. At least 18 people were killed by security forces on Sunday.

The fear of death does not stop them. Burmese protesters took to the streets of the country’s main cities again on Monday despite a bloody day the day before. At least 18 people were killed in the country during the day on Sunday by live ammunition. The heaviest repression since the military took power on February 1, ending a democratic transition underway for ten years.

Frontier describes neighborhoods transformed into “war zones with thousands of demonstrators gathering behind makeshift barricades and metal and wooden protections ”.

Chaos in the streets

Some were running to take shelter in buildings or small streets in the face of volleys of fire from the security forces. A journalist from Frontier in the Sanchaung district of the economic capital Rangoon, heard a police officer shouting while shooting at the demonstrators:

We are violent not only because it is our role, but also because we like it. Everyone who is outside will be killed. ”

Monday, like the day before,


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