All the skills and presentation of Yoru, 14th agent of Valorant

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Riot has unveiled the presentation trailer of his new agent, Yoru, bolossing Phoenix. Here are his (other) skills in detail: dimensional breach and program invisibility.

Yoru, the new agent of Valuing that we had already presented last week following a leak de son gameplay, now officially appears in an Episode 2 announcement video, which will begin this Wednesday, January 13 in France with the new Battle pass. Riot Game thus reveals the profile of this 14th character, a duelists Japanese specializing in stealth and stealth.

  • C: Fakeout – Equip a decoy that mimics the sound of footsteps when activated. Pull to activate and send the decoy forward. With the alternate fire button, you can place the decoy on the ground and activate it from a distance.
  • E: Gatecrash – Allows you to create a dimensional breach in front of you. Pull to set up the breach. Then activate it to teleport to where the rift is.
  • Q: Blindside – Yoru can tear off an unstable dimensional fragment of reality. Shoot to launch the shard, which explodes in a blinding flash when it collides with a hard surface.
  • X: Dimensional Drift – Equip a mask that allows you to see between dimensions. Use it to go into Yoru’s dimension, which makes it invisible to the outside world.


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