All the sports news of the weekend

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Contents of Mondial sports Sunday: Tennis, Basketball, Football and Cycling.

Tennis : let’s go to Roland-Garros! Review of the first day with our special envoys Porte d’Auteuil.

Basket : assessment of the first edition of the BAL, the Basket-Ball Africa League, played in Kigali.

Football : the season barely finished, it is the big cleaning on the benches and behind the scenes of the big italian clubs. A set of musical chairs deciphered by Matteo Cioffi.

Cycling: the last efforts for the riders of the Giro, the Giro d’Italia, which arrives in Milan this Sunday. Back on the 3 weeks of the race, with the journalist “Girologue” Pierre Carrey, author of a remarkable book on the history of this legendary race.

Summary subject to change depending on current events.


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