all you need to know about the sequel to Asobo’s masterpiece

The Bordeaux studio Asobo Studio presented us A Plague Tale Requiem, the second episode of Amicia and Hugo’s adventures in a fourteenth century still so dark. An outing to watch in view of the success of the first part.

If the name A Plague Tale resonates familiarly in your ears, it’s because it’s a small French creation that managed to make a lot of noise with its first game, A Plague Tale: Innocence. Noise for the better since the game was repeatedly awarded at the time of its release in May 2019, for its incredible storyline, its intensely immersive gameplay and its superb soundtrack. An original creation published by Focus Entertainment, which confirmed the place of Asobo Studio, a development studio in Bordeaux, at the forefront of professionals in this industry. There is therefore something to celebrate with the release of a sequel to this fun and engaging adventure: A Plague Tale: Requiem was presented to us in a breathtaking trailer carried by the poem “Requiem” by Robert Louis Stevenson.



If you’ve never had Plague Tale Innocence in your hand, then you might be wondering what the game is exactly. It is a third-person action-adventure game that gives pride of place to infiltration, carried by a dramatic scenario revolving around the quest for Amicia and her brother Hugo, in the heart of fourteenth-century France. But the Middle Ages are not always very rosy, it is even rather dark in the fourteenth century, in the midst of the worst plague epidemic in European history and at the height of the Hundred Years War. You might as well say that the context has something to keep you going. Especially since Amicia and Hugo are pursued by the Inquisition, which believes the latter responsible for the epidemic because of his strange illness. In this second part, we find our characters far from Guyenne of the first opus, in “new regions far to the south, where an island calls”. The game continues its momentum by applying the same recipe, exploration, infiltration, rats and tears, all in breathtaking photorealistic environments.

What release date for A Plague Tale: Requiem?

A Plague Tale: Requiem will hit shelves in 2022, Asobo Studio has not yet confirmed an exact release date, but we do know that the game will be available only on next-gen consoles and PC, with a PC release. , PS5, Xbox Series X | S and on Nintendo Switch via Cloud. In the meantime, we keep a close eye on the side of Asobo Studio, and on this release which could well make a lot of noise.

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