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Almeida, open to dedicate a public space in Madrid to Almudena Grandes

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in a file image.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in a file image.

The national spokesperson for the PP and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has conveyed his condolences to the family and friends of the Madrid writer on Monday Almudena Grandes, passed away this past saturday age 61, and has indicated that he is a supporter of dedicate a space in the city to it agreed by consensus with municipal groups.

“Of course, show my condolences. The doubt offends. My condolences for the death of Almudena Grandes, especially and especially Luis García Montero, children, relatives and loved ones, “he told the media after inaugurating the Gavia park.

These words from the alderman come almost 48 hours after death of the author of ‘The frozen heart’, something that has generated criticism from the opposition. The Mixed Group considered “insulting” the silence of the mayor, the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís and the delegate of Culture, Andrea Levy after the death occurred on Saturday.

For her part, the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Rita Maestre, He ugly the “snub” of the Madrid mayor and declared that he could only think of “unspeakable reasons” typical of “sectarianism” for that silence.

Almeida has asked “do not do politics” with the deaths. “We show our condolences but we do not enter the political game of reproaches when someone dies,” he said.

The Mixed Group will raise as an urgent motion in the plenary session on Tuesday to name the Madrid writer favorite daughter. He will also propose that a street, a library or a public space is dedicated to the memory of Almudena Grandes.

On the different proposals to remember the writer, Almeida has been favorable “to have a memory in Madrid”.

“He has lived here and has dedicated part of his work to this city. Let us try to reach an agreement as far as possible, and given the plurality of demands or requests, we say to the opposition we are going to reach an agreement, because the memory of Almudena Grandes and her family deserves that there be no controversy, “he concluded.

For its part, Más Madrid has registered an initiative in the Madrid Assembly urging the regional government to dedicate the name ‘Parque de Almudena Grandes’ to the park that is being built about him Third Deposit of the Canal de Isabel II.

Specifically, as the party has transferred in a statement, it is a Proposition No of Law (NLP). Likewise, from Más Madrid in the City Council an initiative has also been registered requesting the local government to be dedicate a space in the city.

“Almudena Grandes loved Madrid and defended it, defended its neighborhoods and its people, and she did not do it from the vantage point of a famous literary woman but on the street, like one more neighbor in the squares and streets of her neighborhood. She showed her commitment , like so many neighbors, with the construction of a park on the Third Deposit of the Canal de Isabel II, that is why it has to bear his name in his memory “, has defended the deputy of Más Madrid Hugo Martínez Abarca.

On 2023 the works will be completed of the park that is being built on the Third Deposit of the Canal de Isabel II, in the Chamberí neighborhood. The park is the result of neighborhood mobilization, which managed to “prevent the golf course that former presidents, Esperanza Aguirre and Ignacio González, initially wanted to build, a construction for which Ignacio González is being investigated by the Justice.”

For Abarca, it is “justice” that a writer from Madrid, “from Madrid and for Madrid like Almudena Grandes, is remembered by putting her name on a space worthy of her size”. “And it is fair that the future Parque Tercer Depósito remembers the neighbors who made it possible with its name,” added Martínez Abarca.

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