Alpha Condé – Cellou Dalein Diallo: After the ballot, the duel turns into the media (Audio)

There is no witch hunts in Guinea“, According to Alpha Condé who explained, on Rfi, on the many arrests since his re-election.

Since his re-election, President Alpha Condé has made numerous arrests in the opposition camp. Arrests which, according to him, have nothing of a witch hunt.

The mess is to take the people hostage….

There is no witch hunt in Guinea. No one is targeted except the people who are accused of sponsoring. Since we arrested people, justice ruled. The mess is not just the mess in the street. The mess is to take the people hostage. There have been public and private property that have been broken, there have been deaths. It is important that there is no more impunity“, He lets Rfi know.


“Clear” Alpha…

Our fight is to free Alpha Condé“, For his part reacted Cellou Dalein Diallo. The unsuccessful Guinean presidential candidate to recall his sequestration in his house. As well as his office and his seat, “still occupied by the army. A savage repression fell on our supporters, leaving 48 dead, many wounded…, arrests… He cannot digest the failure that was inflicted on him at the polls“.

Ufdc “remains a big party …

Today, he is telling himself that he killed the Ufr. This is not true. But what is certain is that the Ufdc remains a big party. So we have no concerns in this regard and I am confident in the future …“, Emphasizes Cellou Dalein Diallo.


And on the Guinean president’s call for dialogue with the opposition, Cellou believes that it is “an armed arm“, “a murderous hand”He pulled out and not an outstretched hand. However, he confides that he is ready to accept the possibility of a dialogue, only if it is to define the modalities of respect for the truth of the ballot box, of the recognition of his victory.


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