Alphabet Workers Union: Google employees form union (

Is it also unionized? The mascot of the current Android operating system

Photo: dpa / Andrej Sokolow

Mountain View. Employees of the US Internet giant Google and its parent company Alphabet have formed a union for the first time. The Alphabet Workers Union represents over 200 employees in the United States, the organization announced on Monday (local time). The alliance wants to work for fair pay and working conditions. The members also demand that the group, which has been criticized for years, change its structure.

Google has long been confronted with internal protests due to allegations of sexism, racism and abuse of power by executives. As a result, thousands of employees had temporarily stopped work in November 2018. The Alphabet Workers Union is a rare exception in the non-union US tech industry, but only represents a fraction of the total of over 130,000 employees in the Alphabet Group.

The company told the US media in general that it supports workers’ rights, but without specifically addressing the fundamental criticism. In the statement, however, Alphabet made it clear that in future it would prefer to deal “directly with all of our employees” rather than with the newly established employee representatives. The Alphabet Workers Union was created with the support of the larger union Communication Workers of America and will join it. dpa / nd


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