Alternative use of colchicine could benefit autoimmune patients or patients with inflammatory diseases

The administration of some medications or drugs and their various studies are aimed at some cases that tend to be more complicated by the spread of COVID-19.

Colchicine medicine that has been used since ancient times and that helps treat inflammatory effects.

Eduardo Najar
Latin Agency for Medicine and Public Health News

Colchicine is a drug that has been used to prevent inflammatory effects in some patients with certain pathologies, this drug has been used as an alternative to prevent complications of this kind from occurring in the respiratory or systemic system of some individuals. .

Recent records have shown that the administration of this drug to 4,000 patients who have been part of a study and project has yielded beneficial results, since they suggest that the drug works in every 64 people treated, these data may improve if it is taken into account. counts certain patients and their illnesses.

Patients who benefit

As the study is valid, some patients with certain conditions may benefit if they are treated early with colchicine, as academics argue that those individuals who suffer from diabetes and are also elderly can benefit from this drug and prevent a serious diagnosis at all costs for a possible contagion.

“Colchicine is not a treatment to be generalized, but it can be helpful if directed well”, says the pharmacist Jesús Sierra

Eric Topol, one of the leading researchers and scientists in the field, says that this study and the results are a great advance for the medical community, and that colchicine is an inexpensive and widely available drug.

COVID-19 treatments

Although there is a great advance regarding immunization against the new coronavirus pathogen, there are not many alternatives regarding treatments, since the various clinical pictures and their presentations have set limits in the search for focused and directed therapies. On the other hand, colchicine is an alternative to avoid a very common repercussion in the COVID patient, inflammation.

“Colchicine is not a panacea, but it can alleviate the situation in hospitals,” says cardiologist Alberto Cecconi.

Progress continues in new studies where the use of colchicine will be the focus of attention, since it will be considered as an alternative use in certain base conditions and in this way it will be possible to validate what type of diseases should be treated early so that a patient who is infected with SARS-CoV-2 does not present chronic symptomatological ranges and avoid mortality rates due to various complications.

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