Álvaro González Alzate thinks of the near future without Carlos Queiroz on the bench of the ‘tricolor’

Álvaro González Alzate, second vice president of the Colombian Soccer Federation and president of the amateur branch.

The 6-1 win that he gave him Ecuador a Colombia, on the fourth date ofSouth America qualifiers, called into question the coach’s work Carlos Queiroz. The manifestations of outrage, by fans and the specialized press, took center stage after the commitment against the Ecuadorian team and, to that media fervor, was added the version that indicates that Álvaro González Alzate, vice president of the Colombian Football Federation, thinks that the departure of the Portuguese helmsman is the best alternative for the objective of achieving a quota for Qatar 2022.

The news made her known Luis Arturo Henao, who is part of the ESPN Colombia team, through his Twitter account. “News in development. Álvaro González, a member of the FCF, considers that there should already be a change in the technical direction of the national team, ”he wrote.

González has been a staunch defender of having a Creole coach at the helm of the national team. After Pékerman’s departure, the leader led the initiative to give responsibility to a Colombian, as reported Ivan Mejia Alvarez in El Pulso del Fútbol, ​​in 2018. For this reason, he has stated on several occasions that the appointment of Queiroz was a decision of Ramón Jesurún, president of the Federation.

The request of the leader, who has more than 50 years of experience in national football, joins that of several figures of public opinion, led by famous sports journalists, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the low football level of the ‘tricolor’ and the work of the coach.

Carlos Antonio Velez it was unleashed through its social networks with a forceful message. “Match and result take out technical and take out players. An abnormal, suspicious and rare game. The handbrake was noticed. There is a lot of player affected because the joke and the comfort zone are over. That was the risk if someone demanding came. Ready! Let the coach go, but not alone, “he said..

Francisco Velez, a journalist for ESPN and RCN Radio, also took its toll. “A confused coach, a confused group of players, a way of playing that has nothing to do with our idiosyncrasies. Evolving is not leaving aside the essence of your game. Queiroz is not the technical director for Colombia, that’s clear, “he said after the beating at the hands of Ecuador.

Your colleague, Oscar Renteria, it was blunt in the program The controversyby Win Sports. “Mr. Queiroz, if you are ashamed, please resign.” While Carlos Cortes, from La Silla Vacía and Presunto Podcast, was sent through his Twitter account. “In five days, Carlos Queiroz broke two qualifying records: worst defeat in Barranquilla and worst win since 1977 (BRA 6-0 COL). Give him that pair of medals and pack suitcases. Colombia did not play like that, not even when ‘Chiqui’ García gave his son a job, “he said.

The Portuguese strategist became a trend in networks, he revived the memory of Pékerman, who commanded the two processes that led the ‘tricolor’ to the World Cups in Brazil and Russia, and there was a hashtag that became popular: National shame.

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