Alzheimer’s symptoms can appear from the age of 35: IMSS

According to Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in the early stages of development of Alzheimer It is common for patients to show frustration due to the loss of common objects such as keys, wallets, money. It is also common to forget names or places, present personality changes and a feeling of denial.

Although it is common to associate the Alzheimer With a disease related to cognitive impairment in older adults, it is a condition that can occur from 35 to 50 years of age.

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It is estimated that in Mexico there are around 350 thousand people who suffer Alzheimer. In addition, it is estimated that by 2030 this number will double because the population pyramid is being inverted. Which indicates that in the future there will be more older people than young people.

The Alzheimer It is a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system which mainly affects memory functions, deteriorating the quality of life of the patient.

Family members often confuse the first signs of the disease, attributing it to the fact that it is a confused person, with worries, stress, who is not concentrating on their activities, among other things. However, it is necessary to take action on these signals and be able to attend to them in time, in order to slow down the progression of memory loss.

There are psychological tests and scans in which it can be detected if the problem is a case of Alzheimer or it is some other condition that affects the person. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist early.

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