Amadeus, the unexpected confession of the competitor to the Soliti Ignoti. He is thrilled: “But how is it possible?”

Amadeus, the unexpected confession of the competitor to the Soliti Ignoti. He is thrilled: “But how is this possible?». Tonight, after tg1, the show hosted by Amadeus went on the air. VIP guest, Barbara Foria, the comic actress face of Quelli che il calcio. Like every evening, we play to give the prize money to the Spallanzani hospital in Rome.

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But during the investigation to discover the identity of the unknown, one of the guests in the studio makes an unexpected revelation. The unknown in question is asked for the clue that is transformed into a bizarre confession. “I eat a pizza in four minutes»Says the host. Amadeus, incredulous, replies: “How is it possible? Four minutes? You devour it“. In the second clue, the unknown glutton increases the dose: “My favorite dessert is the chocolate cake“. At that point, the conductor replies amused: “That’s a matter of seconds …“. Laughter in the studio.

Even last night, a joke from a guest had amazed Amadeus. The special edition of the program saw the presence of guests in the studio, including the magician Raphael. Already known to the public of Rai 1 for his magic tricks, accompanied by puns. Tonight, however, one of his jokes would not have been understood by the conductor, leaving everyone stunned. “When you meet a sad Spaniard – said the magician Raffaello – tell him mucho. To him it means a lot“. The pun, however, would immediately hit the mark. Amadeus, displaced, asked: “I did not understand what you said…“. But the magician Raffaello, sportsman, commented: «Do you think I liked this joke so much …“. Laughter in the studio.

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