Amanda Seyfried: “Being a mom has changed all my priorities”

Actress Amanda Seyfried has had to completely reorganize her life since having two toddlers.

Henry Arnaud, Los Angeles

Amanda Seyfried stars in the film “Mank”, retracing the life of American screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz, on Netflix.


To everyone’s surprise, the 34-year-old actress is a mother for the second time in two months. Surprise because Amanda Seyfried managed to keep the secret until the day after the birth of her baby. The American star stars in “Mank”, directed by David Fincher, available on Netflix.

You kept your pregnancy a secret until the birth of your son Thomas. Why?

My second pregnancy was difficult. I got pregnant in the middle of producing “Mank” and was constantly ill for the first few weeks. It’s not easy being on set and having to run around in your dressing room because you’re nauseous when you need you for the film. Then I spent the last five months of my pregnancy with the pandemic which complicated everything. My luck is to live on a farm, far from everything and therefore from crowds. The delivery last September was also sadly different for my second child because we were in the midst of the Covid epidemic, with all the necessary restrictions and precautions. Fortunately my midwife is a close friend and we managed to organize ourselves so that my mother is present at the birth, as well as my husband (Editor’s note: The actor Thomas Sadoski whom she married in 2017).

Comment sorganize your life on your farm in theNew York state?

I am unable to stand by and do nothing. During my pregnancy, I discovered new passions. I learned crochet, embroidery, sewing … I even got into the quilting technique to make quilts. On the other hand since our second baby is here, I don’t have a second of my own. Being a mom has changed all of my priorities.

How is your daily life between your 3 year old daughter, Nina and her little brother?

There are magical moments between them. Everyone warned me, but having two kids has nothing to do with one (laughs). It’s great being a mother, but I’m just starting to learn the art of juggling with two toddlers. Living on a farm also has advantages like nature and anonymity, but with two children everything changes. Before, I took care of the morning chores with the animals. There, it is much more complicated with two young children. And you have to watch the chickens and ducks, that they are not too close to them (laughs). I expected the responsibilities of becoming a mother, but added to that are the lives of the animals that need us.

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