Amazon Games will release “Lost Ark” in Europe and North America in autumn 2021

Amazon Games, an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), and Smilegate RPG announced today that the award-winning MMOARPG Lost Ark will be released for PC in North America and Europe * in fall 2021. Players can now log on to to learn more about the game and the upcoming beta that will take place later this summer.

Lost Ark is a free AAA massively multiplayer online action RPG that is currently only available in Korea, Japan, and Russia, where it has millions of active players. Smilegate RPG is one of the world’s most successful developers: the first-person shooter CROSSFIRE by the parent company Smilegate has over eight million simultaneous players around the world almost 15 years after its launch and is one of the most popular and long-lasting titles ever. In Lost Ark, players explore the vast and diverse world of Arkesia in their search for the fabled Lost Ark and save the empire from a demonic threat. The game offers 15 different hero classes that enable deep battles with unique combinations of adaptive skills based on the tripod skill system. Alone or with allies, players forge their own legend as they battle their way through dangerous dungeons, travel the world by sailing ship, and even create their own island home.

“With Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG have created an incredibly deep online experience that will delight players for years to come. We are honored to make this action RPG available to a new audience in Europe and North America for the first time, ”said Christoph Hartmann, VP of Amazon Games. “Amazon Games strives to deliver the highest quality titles to our players, be it as a developer with our internal teams or as a publisher of games from the world’s best developer studios, such as Smilegate RPG. Lost Ark is the first of many exciting titles that Amazon Games will be releasing. “

Amazon Games worked with Smilegate RPG to give players in Europe and North America the best possible experience by completely localizing the gigantic world of Lost Ark and translating all written and spoken dialog into English, French, German and Spanish.

“At Lost Ark, we worked closely with Amazon Games to expand our player base in the West,” said Chi Won Gil, CEO of Smilegate RPG. “Amazon Games is perfectly positioned to introduce Lost Ark to a new pool of players and develop relationships with them through Amazon channels like Twitch and Prime Gaming.”

Amazon Games is also currently developing the August 31st MMO New World, set on a supernatural continent during the Age of Discovery. The Amazon Games team in San Diego, led by industry veteran John Smedley, and the team in the newly founded studio in Montreal around the developers behind the popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege are also working on their own titles.

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