Amazon Pharmacy: the company enabled the sale of me …

Amazon, the platform with the highest number of visits and stock market price in the world, ad this Tuesday the launch of Amazon Pharmacy: a service for the sale and home delivery of medicines with prescription.

The irruption of Jeff Bezos, founder of the company, the pharmaceutical industry resulted in the fall in the price of the two most important pharmacy chains in United States, Walgreens Boots y CVS.

Shares of Walgreens Boots suffered a drop of 8.13% within minutes of the opening of the session, while shares of CVS lost 7.94%. In return, the price of Amazon grew at that time a 1,34%.

Online pharmacy

Through Amazon Pharmacy, customers will be able to complete the purchase of prescription drugs and manage their profiles, incorporating insurance information, managing prescriptions and choosing payment methods.

In the offer there will be from creams and pills, to treatments that need to be kept cold, such as insulin.

Amazon Prime users will have unlimited access to free two-day shipping on orders placed at Amazon Pharmacy. They can also get discounts in the price of your medicines through Amazon Pharmacy when shopping outside of insurance, which could save up to 80% on generic drugs and 40% on brand name drugs.

“We understand the importance of access to affordable medicines and we believe that Amazon Prime members will find great value with the new savings on prescription drugs,” said Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime.

First investment

Amazon’s first approach to the healthcare industry occurred two years ago, when it invested 753 million dollars in the purchase of the PillPack online pharmacy. Amazon assured that it will keep this company, which organizes drugs in packages according to the time and day they should be taken. They reported that they will focus on delivering medication to people with chronic illnesses.

It’s Amazon’s strongest push in the healthcare business to date. It could open up very large new revenue opportunities for the company, especially given the current context of the pandemic. Consumers were pushed towards more remote attention and the use of remote pathways for all their shopping needs.

Although Amazon Pharmacy is the first venture in the field, exclusive in the United States, a global opportunity opens up. Online pharmacy services are estimated to reach revenues of $ 131 billion by 2025 worldwide. In turn, this year, the prescription drug industry received approximately $ 904 billion and is believed to grow to almost 1.3 billion by 2025.


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