American brand with ‘Adult Only’ ice cream; Why only for adults?

When we hear the word ice cream, we are greedy for ages. Kids’ joy knows no bounds, especially when they get ice cream. But the famous ice cream brand Hogan-Das has introduced an ice cream flavor that can only be eaten by adults. This taste is made especially for adults only, because things are a little different than usual when eating this ice cream.

Hagen Das thus introduced two new different flavors to the market. Both are a little different from regular ice creams. The company has used alcohol in both of these flavors. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the company is introducing these flavors only to adults from their cocktail collection. These adult-only flavors are planned to be released during London Cocktail Week.

Rum caramel is another flavor combination that combines Irish whiskey and chocolate waffle.
People may feel a little intoxicated after eating these ice creams, but things are not going to get any worse. Rum and whiskey flavored ice creams contain less than 0.5% alcohol per serving. A box can cost around Rs.500. Both flavors are available in different sizes.

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Prior to this, the Hagen-Dass Spirit Collection was released in 2020 and received great acclaim. The rose and cream flavor of the American ice cream brand is very popular. Hagen-Das was started in 1960 in New York City by Ruben and Rose Matos. The company initially made ice cream in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and coffee. But now Hagen-Dass has become a leading brand. Ice cream lovers are waiting for the new flavors of Hagen-Dass. It costs around Rs 500 per box. All flowers are available in normal size and small size.

In 2020, the ice cream introduced by the company will include four different flavors with one-third fewer calories than regular ice cream. There are just 210 to 230 calories per serving in the collection compared to traditional flavors up to 380 calories.
There are a lot of fans for this new experiment in ice cream. Kids who love ice cream are waiting for other innovative ice cream experiments.


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