American Doctors Doubt Achieving Herd Immunity From COVID-19

American Society for Infectious Diseases countedthat the new COVID-19 strain has raised the herd immunity threshold to over 90%. Earlier, virologists noted that the pandemic will subside as soon as 60-70% of the population will be ill with COVID-19 or are vaccinated. However, the emergence of new strains, for example the delta strain, raises the threshold, bringing it to an almost unattainable level.

“Can we achieve herd immunity? No, it is very unlikely by definition, “said Dr. Greg Poland, director of the vaccine research group at the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota.” Without reaching a certain level, the virus could persist in one form or another for decades. “

Previously similar point of view expressed Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine group. The scientist said that at the moment, achieving the required level of immunity is impossible due to the rapid infection with the delta strain of the coronavirus.

Yaroslav Plaksin