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Among the books are heretics and bombs

Will we take a tour of Durango? Will we agree with Joseba Sarrionandia?

We’re going to Durango. Or we are already there. With the virus and his little brother Omicron (sister, perhaps?) So ordered, soaked in books, overflowing with records, long waiting for our turn to enter the wonderful lands of next year’s calendar and agenda, do we know that we will take a tour of Durango?

From bar to bar, from shop to shop, from story to story, from mystery to mystery, from cinema to fronton… Will we meet the heretics? Will we agree with Joseba Sarrionandia? Are we going to walk around the places where Eneko Sagardoy, who played the Great Altzo, has landed more than once? After being a sailor, after noticing the plight of the workers of Bizkaia, will we look for traces of Tomas Meabe, who became a socialist, rejected the savage God of the Old Testament, internalized Jesus Christ, hated priests and founded the ‘Young Socialists’ movement in Madrid? Will we enter the Durango Museum with the beautiful ‘Herejeen alaba’ booklet (artifact) created by Sarrionandia and musician Ander Berrojabilz in our hand, in mp3 or in our pocket?

Shall we take a leisurely stroll while we say to ourselves the excerpts of the sad story ‘Crystal Heart’?

In this narrative, XV. The author of the work ‘Through the Deposits of Horrors’ tells us about some of the most courageous Christians in and around the 20th century.

They said that in their prayers, in their reflections, and in their attitudes, it was clear that religion must have an inner feeling, an inner attitude. In those days, religiosity lived outwardly. An account was performed in processions and loud ceremonies. In their thinking that they would be considered heretics, the Gospel gave extreme value to poverty. So those in Durango were rejecting the overpowering luxury that the Church displayed in the plaza.

According to all scholars and experts, these people of Durango were the forerunners of the Protestantism that Luther would later launch. As they were preparing for a revolt, the Inquisition appeared in Durango. Some managed to escape. 13, however, ended in a fire.

Heretics and… bombs. Who doesn’t agree with the bombing of Gernika every April 26? But earlier the bombs were dropped on the Basque Country by the fascists. On March 31, 1937, the Air Legion sent by Mussolini to help Franco dropped 80 bombs in Durango, protected by 14 Nazi fighter jets from Logroño. 250 people were killed and dozens of buildings were destroyed. In July, the Montejurra Tertiary entered the city. The cruelty used in the bombing did not bother Franco at all; “My goal is human redemption. Conquering the land is only a means. ”

Heretics, the memory of those killed in the bombing, and… the joys of today. Quite a few years ago, the tumultuous ‘Basque Greatest Hits Night’ was held at the legendary Plateruena Coffee Theater, organized by Who? Duranguesado Band Association, a shelter for all those who make a good noise in the area. Where do they buy all these musical instruments? At the Kalebarri Musikarians store.

And cinema, where do you watch movies? In another place full of legends, in Gran Cinema Zugaza, in the hall on Ulibarri Street, the new ‘History of a Bolante’ and ‘Cazafantasmas’ are currently on display. We can go up to the Fair by taking a reservation at the Fair, when we have a reservation… See you.

On Sunday, if we were to go to work on Tuesday, which is officially Labor Day, we would spend a lot of time shopping. Duranguesados ​​are excellent in confectionery: here are some names: Enjoy, Jauregui, La Exquisita, Madalena… Want to taste local or local products? Go to the Euskotzarak store. There, they also sell preserves, juices and juices made by Ana de la Maza in the town of Garai in the cheese and cheese oils created by Aitor Urien. Don’t forget the honey made by Garikotz Llona from Amorebieta-Etxano.

It is certain that we will be able to enter the Book Fair. Oh, don’t be fooled by Durango. You should be in Bizkaia this time. Not in Mexico, not in Colorado. Not Honduran…


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