Amur level near Blagoveshchensk broke the records of previous floods

According to the data of the Amur Hydrometeorological Center, the level of the Amur River near Blagoveshchensk per day rose by 6 cm and amounted to 860 cm with a “dangerous phenomenon” level of 800 cm. The indicator broke the flood records of 2013 and 1984, when the level was 822 cm and 857 cm, respectively, reported “Kommersant” in the press service of the regional government.

“In the Amur Region, 638 residential buildings were flooded, 1,750 people were evacuated, of which 348 are in temporary accommodation. Seven temporary accommodation points have been deployed, they are provided with everything you need: food, bedding, all security measures have been organized. There are enough rescuers. Large work on the construction of temporary dams is being carried out in Vladimirovka, the cadets of DVOKU are helping, a lot of volunteers, ”said the press service.

The flood ridge is now located near Blagoveshchensk. It is expected that this level will last up to four days. In the upper reaches of the Amur, the level has already begun to fall, the flood is shifting to the Konstantinovsky and Mikhailovsky districts of the Amur Region and is moving towards the Jewish Autonomous Region.

On Sunday, June 27, meeting CoES, the governor of the region, Vasily Orlov, said that in the near future the affected Amur residents will begin to receive compensation payments. It is planned that the amount, depending on the damage, will be 50–100 thousand rubles. for a family and 10 thousand for each victim. “We will not wait for a large tranche from Moscow. Today we already have territories that have been freed from water, we can act on damage and make federal payments with our money from the reserve fund. To do this, it is necessary to collect all the necessary data, draw up all the documents, which we will subsequently transfer to reimburse the costs of the regional budget for the federation. This money will be returned to us. We will not wait until the flood is completely gone, ”said Mr. Orlov.

According to the Minister of Forestry and Fire Safety of the Amur Region Alexei Sevostyanov, the ministry received 28 packages of documents to provide financial assistance to the victims at the expense of the regional budget.

Sergey Mishin, Blagoveshchensk


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