An American company develops contact lenses with an augmented reality screen and a processor

American startup Mojo Vision has announced details of its plans to develop a contact lens with a small built-in augmented reality screen, a processor and wireless technology; This provides a digital layer of information overlaid on what you see in the real world, in a step like science fiction.

Today, Saturday, Mojo Vision explained that the focal part of its lens is a hexagonal screen less than half a millimeter thick, with each pixel equivalent to a quarter of the width of a red blood cell. It also includes a “femtoprojector” or a femtosecond photodetector; It visually expands images and sends them to a central patch of the retina.

The lenses are surrounded by electronics, including a camera that visualizes the outside world. A computer chip then processes these images, controls the display, and communicates wirelessly with external devices such as a phone. It also has a motion tracker that compensates for your eye movement, and the device works with a battery that is charged wirelessly throughout the night, like a smartwatch.

Explaining the design at the Hot Chips conference, CEO Mike Wimmer said, “We were close to making this development a success, and it is very close to reality.” Prototypes have passed toxicology tests, and Mojo Vision expects a full-featured prototype this year.

But Mojo Vision still has a long way to go before its lenses reach store shelves. This innovation will first have to pass regulatory checks and overcome social disapproval.

An earlier attempt to include augmented reality in glasses from search giant Google, called Google Class, ran into a stumble as people worried about what was being recorded and shared.

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