An American company invests in the development project of the 1st Moroccan humanoid robot

The American company FotaHub Inc. has decided to invest in the development project of the first Moroccan humanoid robot called “Shama”.

This American company was attracted by Moroccan expertise in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), in particular the work that was carried out by Hajar Mousannif, professor at Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) and his teams.

As a first step, FotaHub Inc., whose CEO is of Moroccan origin, will provide the Moroccan researcher and her teams with a budget of 1,000,000 DH to support the necessary development work towards a SHAMA 2.0 that will be connected , making this robot the first collaborative research platform within the Moroccan university ecosystem.

In this context, a framework agreement was signed on January 13 by the President of the UCA of Marrakech, Pr. Moulay Hassan Hbid and Mr. Abdelghani El-Kacimi, CEO of FotaHub Inc.

By virtue of this agreement, the American company generously supports the development project of the humanoid robot “SHAMA” with one million DH, or more than 100,000 US dollars.

According to El-Kacimi, this collaboration will initiate a multitude of projects aimed at accelerating the convergence between the world of connected objects (IoT) and that of AI.

“Beyond the frequent update of on-board software, necessary to improve the performance and security of connected objects, the update of parameters from AI training models currently represents a real challenge that FotaHub Inc. is largely able to solve with its very innovative technological approaches ”, he explained.

Over the past few months, Pr. Hajar Mousannif has been among the few academic and industrial speakers who have had the opportunity to preview powerful remote update services known under the technical term (Firmware update Over the Air-FOTA).

FotaHub Inc. is preparing to launch this unique platform which will have a great impact on the accessibility – still difficult today – to the complex techniques of updating connected objects.

“We built Shama, the Moroccan robot, from almost nothing and now SHAMA will move gracefully to SHAMA2.0 thanks to FotaHub Inc., an exceptional young company in the United States”, underlined for his part, Pr. Hajar Mousannif .

As a reminder, the teacher-expert in AI at the UCA in Marrakech, Prof. Hajar Mousannif, won the 1st prize last December in the “Global AI Inclusion Award” category as part of the prestigious “Women Tech” prize, which rewards women who shine internationally in the field of high technology.

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