An Arab actress participates in a French movie… and achieves millions of views in record time! (Video)

Social media circulated a leaked video of Algerian actress Sherine Boutella from a French movie she starred in.

And the Algerian actor, Ayman Moumouni, published, through his account on “Instagram Story”, a screenshot of Sherine Boutella’s movie, entitled “Christmas FlowHis features appeared shocked at what he saw, which prompted the viewers to express their anger and excitement at what they saw.

The leaked video garnered millions of views in a very record time, and the pioneers of social networking sites were divided between a defender of Sherine Boutella for her performance of this scene, considering her personal freedom, and a critic and a denouncer for depicting an immoral scene as an Arab girl belonging to a conservative Arab Muslim community.

The scene includes an exchange of kisses between Boutella and her colleague in the film, and some intimate scenes.

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