An asteroid breaks a record for approaching Earth and is only detected the next day

The small 2020 VT4 is unlikely to have caused damage if it entered Earth’s atmosphere.

The asteroid 2020 VT4, between five and 10 meters in diameter, was less than 400 km South Pacific last Friday at 17:20 (UTC).

In this way, the object broke the record for the approach of celestial bodies of its kind to our planet. Previously, the closest asteroid was 2020 QG, which He flew 2,950 km from Earth on August 16.

As with the 2020 QG, the 2020 VT4 was not detected until it was already moving away from our planet. It was sighted for the first time only on Saturday, about 15 hours later of its maximum approximation.

Such a situation is not uncommon among fast asteroids passing through blind spots towards the Sun, as was the case this last time, need the Universe Today portal. At the same time, it indicates that if an asteroid of that size were directed right at Earth, it would most likely disintegrate in the atmosphere, without causing any damage. Thus, it is believed that the asteroid that fell near Chelyabinsk (Russia) in 2013 was 20 meters in diameter, adds the portal.

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