An indigenous leader assassinated in Honduras, the second in less than 72 hours

The leader of the Tolupán ethnic group Adam Mejia was assassinated in Honduras this Tuesday while working in the municipality of Morazán, in the center of the country, days after the murder of the peasant leader of the Lenca ethnic group and candidate for deputy Félix Vázquez, according to Europa Press.

Mejía was assassinated to bullets by unknown persons who have subsequently fled and, until now, the motive for the murder is unknown, while the perpetrators of the homicide have not been arrested, according to local media La Tribuna.

Is the second indigenous leader assassinated in a few days, after last Saturday a group of hooded men assassinated Félix Vázquez, a pre-candidate for deputy for the left of the Libertad y Refundación (Free) Party, who lived in the department of La Paz and was assassinated at his home.

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Since 2015, at least 20 indigenous defenders have been murdered, according to what the Lenca Independent Indigenous Movement of La Paz-Honduras (MILPAH) denounced at the time.

Among these crimes, the most media coverage was the one committed against the leader of the Lenca people and renowned environmentalist Berta Cáceres, an environmental activist who led the opposition to the construction of a hydroelectric dam in indigenous territory and who was shot dead in her own home on 2 March 2016.


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