An initiative to support restaurateurs

A declaration of love to our restaurants. The Montréal en lumière festival, which celebrates gastronomy every year, is launching the “J’adore mon restaurant” initiative to support local restaurateurs who have been going through difficult times since the start of the pandemic.

The initiative’s website features many ways to help restaurateurs, such as delivering a meal to a loved one in need, offering gift cards or sharing photos of orders with the hashtag #jadoremonresto .

An advertisement featuring Marina Orsini and a song by Michel Louvain went online a few hours ago.

“Your restaurateurs do great things to offer you dishes filled with love, discover plenty of ways to send them love in turn and to make you happy,” says the actress and host favorite of Quebecers.

Dining rooms have been closed since October in several regions.

Watch the interview with Jacques Primeau, Managing Director of Montréal en lumière in the video above.


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