an outdoor elevator in the middle of the cliffs that inspired the movie Avatar

1 minute and 28 seconds to climb 326 meters: that’s the time it takes for the highest outdoor elevator in the world, with a maximum speed of 5 meters per second. Open to the public since 2002, the Bailong Elevator – “Hundred dragons” in French – is located in China, on the side of a cliff in Wulingyuan. “This elevator is super fast. It’s my first time and it’s a hell of an experience“, testifies Jin Shihao, a tourist. Cost of a round trip: 125 yuan, or 16 euros.

The elevator allows you to avoid the 3h30 walk necessary to reach the top. The view from the panoramic cabins overlooks the region, listed since 1992 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site has become famous for having inspired director James Cameron for his film Avatar: every day, more than 8,000 people take the elevator.

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