Ana María Estupiñán and the miracle she lived after Master Chef of RCN

Ana María Estupiñán, from Master Chef, revealed that an important member of his family was on the verge of death and finally a miracle saved his life.

Ana MAría left last Sunday as Master chef

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Ana MAría left last Sunday as Master chef

Ana María Estupiñán is very close to her husband’s family (archive VEA /)

While the public enjoyed the participation of Ana María Estupiñán in the RCN reality show Master Chef, who left the contest this Sunday, July 18, the actress, who recently starred in Love and live, He lived a difficult stage of his life due to the health of his mother-in-law Magnolia.

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Ana María herself revealed that the woman spent almost two months in the Intensive Care Unit with disappointing diagnoses, but was finally saved. The actress uploaded a family photo telling this testimony of life, admitting that there was a moment when their strength was gone. “Magnolia, I know you don’t like so much public exposure, but today I want to honor your life publicly. You are very strong, you are a brave woman, a warrior who did not stop fighting, believing and trusting in that almighty God. God, how good you are, how powerful you are and how loving you are; I believe that very few times I have tangibly experienced how real, powerful and supernatural you are my good God. THANK YOU! My mother-in-law, as many of you know, was very serious from COVID in the ICU, there were reports and reports with only negative news; There were days when our strength was gone, we no longer wanted to ask for more, believe more or trust more because we were afraid that what we were waiting for would not happen the way we wanted; It was weeks of seeing my husband crying out there, wondering a thousand things with a horrible desire to go to that hospital and go in any way to see and hug his mother. But God gave us promises that filled us with the strength to believe, to continue trusting ”.

The actress ended her writing by explaining how they clung to their faith as a family and sends a message of hope to those who are going through similar situations.

Her husband Matty, with whom she recently completed two years of marriage, also referred to what happened and mentioned that her mother, in addition to the covid, was affected by three bacteria and she overcame thanks to the aforementioned miracle.

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