Anabel Pantoja strips naked and imitates Cristina Pedroche

Anabel Pantoja imitates Cristina Pedroche.
Anabel Pantoja imitates Cristina Pedroche. / telecinco

Anabel Pantoja has returned to ‘Save me’ wanting to vindicate herself. After several months in Gran Canaria, absent on set and unable to refute what was being said about the war between his aunt Isabel and his cousin Kiko Rivera, yesterday he returned to Sálvame to defend the Pantoja. Although it was not the only thing he did. She also undressed and posed sitting in the snow just like Cristina Pedroche did days before with the arrival of ‘Filomena’.

Celebrities challenge 'Filomena' and pose without clothes in the snow

Isabel Pantoja’s niece was very happy. Already in the peninsula, he visited his relatives, including his aunt, and was able to go to the Mediaset studios with a very different face from that shown months ago. Of course, his relationship with Belén Esteban is at a standstill. A confrontation in recent months seems to have deteriorated a friendship that on the outside seemed very solid.

Anabel comes to Sálvame wanting to vindicate herself and taking advantage of the storm she has undressed in an image that is already viral on social networks.


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