Anaïs eliminated, the summary of episode 7

THE BEST PASTRY 2020 – During the seventh episode of the Best Pastry Chef, Margaux took down her third blue apron, while Anaïs leaves the competition. Recap.

[Mis à jour le 18 novembre 2020 à 23h45] After flying to the United States, Le Meilleur pâtissier is heading for Alsace! The M6 ​​show was back on November 18, 2020 after a week’s break (due to the broadcast of a football match), for an episode focused on the specialties of the northeast region. Beer, pretzel, kougelhopf mugs, Alsace has been proudly represented by its specialties and specificities. But the tests of this episode 7 of the Best Pastry Chef left several difficulties for the eight candidates who were still in the running. The challenge of Cyril Lignac consisted of making a Mannele, a traditional bun in the shape of a man, bearing the effigy of each of the candidates. Margaux stood out in this event with her macaroon mannele, just like Florian who caused a sensation. However, the try was missed for Reine and Siham, putting them in danger for the rest of the contest.

As usual, the technical test concocted by Mercotte brought its share of stress to amateur pastry chefs: they had to prepare a storichenescht, a cake in the shape of a stork’s nest. Several difficulties arose for the candidates, such as the making of the nest, in particular the spun caramel to form a convincing nest. Elodie finished in first position in this event. By diverting the recipe by making “angel hair” rather than spun caramel, Maxime took second place in the classification in this event. Conversely, Florian and Anaïs found themselves in the last places in this event. The creative competition for the Best pastry chef was therefore decisive in deciding between the candidates, who were to pay homage in cake to Alsace, under the watchful eye of pastry chef Pierre Hermé, judge for an evening. Difficult for Cyril Lignac and Mercotte to designate the pastry chef who leaves the adventure Best pastry chef between Anaïs and Florian. Margaux wins the blue apron following episode 7, her third since the start of the competition. Conversely, it is finally Anaïs who is leaving Le Meilleur pâtissier this week.

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On November 27, 2019, M6 broadcast the final for the Best Pastry Chef. Camille was crowned winner of season 8, against Sophie and Stéphanie. The 27-year-old financial consultant had only started baking three and a half years ago. As a reminder, at the end of the program, the winner leaves with the right to publish a cookbook. Camille succeeds Ludovic, winner of the 2018 edition of the Best Pastry Chef.

They will be 14 candidates to compete in ingenuity during season 9 of the Best Pastry Chef. As often in the cooking shows of M6, part of the Francophonie is represented in the show. We can thus count on Florian to represent Belgium. This 31-year-old event manager comes straight from Brussels. Another neighboring country represented this year, Switzerland has its candidate in the person of Edouard, 27, from Lausanne. Find below the complete list of candidates for this 2020 season, and their career in the M6 ​​show:

  • Patrice, 49, digital project manager (Paris), eliminated after the first episode
  • Inna, 32, luxury ready-to-wear saleswoman (Montpellier), eliminated after the second episode
  • François, 47, VTC driver (Bellancourt), eliminated after the third episode
  • Jérémy, 31, territorial agent (Toulouse), eliminated after the fourth episode
  • Edouard, 27, electronic engineer (Lausanne), eliminated after the fifth episode
  • François-Xavier, 52, IT product manager (Los Angeles), eliminated after the sixth episode
  • Margaux, 18, business school student (Aix-en-Provence)
  • Florian, 31, event manager (Brussels)
  • Siham, 23, student in pharmacy (Strasbourg)
  • Reine, 69, retired (Dourdan)
  • Elodie, 31, manager of a pizzeria (Mulhouse)
  • Maxime, 20, volunteer firefighter (Pont-à-Mousson)
  • Anaïs, 29, business analyst (Saint-Germain-en-Laye)
  • Bouchra, 32, medical secretary (Marines)

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