Andrea Iannone and Soleil Sorge: former Rodriguez spotted together

It just looks like that Andrea Iannone has moved on. The pilot, formerly of Belen Rodriguez and Giulia De Lellis, was paparazzi in the company of Soleil rises, just the ex-girlfriend of the Argentine showgirl’s brother, Jeremias.

The two were spotted together in Sardinia, a holiday destination for many local VIPs during this summer. The shots that immortalize them together were released by the weekly Chi: in the photos published by the newspaper directed by Alfonso Signorini the two appear happy and very complicit, between thick chatter and smiles, seated at a table.

There is one certain understanding it seems obvious: after all, the pilot and the former shipwreck have known each other for some time since they both attended the Rodriguez brothers. According to the weekly Chi the rises and Iannone they would have met in Sardinia, where both were on vacation: it seems that the two they spent two days together.

In the published shots, the pilot appears with his usual gloomy air: in a sporty outfit, he wears a tank top and a pair of Bermuda shorts. Soleil instead, despite the black straw hat with which he tries to obscure his face, he cannot hide the knowing smile that he exchanges with Iannone.

At the end of their stay, Sorge and the sportsman returned home taking the same flight: according to the magazine, once they landed at Malpensa airport he would take the beautiful Soleil back to his home with his driver.

No trace of Cristina Buccino: according to rumors the MotoGP rider had found the smile next to the showgirl after the farewell to Giulia De Lellis and many were just waiting for them to come out with their love story.

But things could have changed for Iannone, who until now seems not to have had much luck in love: first the long relationship with Belen Rodriguez, which ended with the return in the arms of Stefano De Martino, then the story with Giulia De Lellis, she too returned with the ex Andrea Damante.

Soleil, on the other hand, has long since closed the story with Jeremias Rodriguez, brother of Belen and Cecilia. The two had met during The Island of the Famous and when the reality show was over they kept dating.

Sara the spark broke out between the beautiful Soleil Sorge and Andrea Iannone or is it a simple friendship? If there really are feelings between the two, it could be interesting the reaction of her ex, Jeremias, who (at least until now) has always had a very strong bond with the driver.

Andrea Iannone and Soleil Sorge. Source: Instagram


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